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Webmaster: Whatís up coach?

Coach Bo:  Hey whatís up BASA.


Webmaster: Where in the hell did you guys come from?

Coach Bo:  Weíre a group of guys that have been playing around the Jackson TN area against each other and decided to combine and make one good team.


Webmaster: How long has BMW Lounge been around?

Coach Bo: This is our first year with many more to come.


Webmaster: How long have you been playing BASA?

Coach Bo:  This is my second year playing BASA but Iíve been playing the other circuits for years.


Webmaster: So what is your impression of the BASA circuit?

Coach Bo: I think itís great. Iíve met some wonderful people and played and coached against some of the best competition in softball.


Webmaster: There was and still is a lot of talk about how competitive the Rec division is. However, BMW is being talked about as a favorite. Do you agree?

Coach Bo: I think the Rec division is so competitive that any team can beat you, so you have to come to the park physically and mentally ready for all teams, but itís nice to know people have respect for your team.


Webmaster: What are your thoughts on Rec and Super Rec playing in the same division when tournaments don't have enough Super Rec teams.

Coach Bo: Thatís ok as long as the amount of money advertised doesnít change, if youíre the top Rec team you still get the same amount of money offered even you allow a Super Rec team to drop because Super Rec donít want Competitive teams taking their money from them.


Webmaster: Speaking of, what are your plans if you guys are bumped up next year?

Coach Bo:  We would have to step our game up another notch and hope that as you bump up Rec teams up that BASA will bump up some of the Super Rec teams up to Competitive. ( I donít think teams should be bumped because of one good year).


Webmaster: There are quite a few top teams that you have not played, is there a team(s) you look forward to playing at Worlds?

Coach Bo: I kook forward to playing all teams because you canít take anyone for granted in the Rec division. (The best division there is).



Webmaster: Give us your thoughts on BASA this year.

Coach Bo: Over all I think it has been good, bringing black people together to fellowship and play softball.


Webmaster: You are a frequent visitor to the BASA website; give us your thoughts on it.

Coach Bo:  The best thing to ever happen to BASA softball, it has made friends for people all over the world.


Webmaster: As we always ask, if you could make one change in BASA, what would it be?

Coach Bo: Play more games on Saturday and less on Sunday because some teams have to travel a long ways to get back to their jobs and families safely.


Webmaster: That is about it, time for your shout outs.

Coach Bo: First to my BMW LOUNGE family (love you guys), Snow15 ,T-Mack, Big Chief, Loretta, Davida, Lynn, Lady 44s, no limit, Ballas ,esq23, nis19, Dinsum, soonerlady,sexyslim,incognito21,lf-1, and most of all to my other coach GREG REED who without him this success would not be possible, thanks for all that you do Greg  I REALLY DO APPRECIATE YOU.