DJ Williams III




BSC STAFF:  What's Up DJ?

DJ: What's up BSC Family?


BSC STAFF: The Rec. Division is really heating up. This is by far the most competitive year ever, wouldn’t you agree?

DJ: Yes, because there are a lot of teams that can win a tournament on any given day.

BSC STAFF: There are obviously several teams that wouldn’t surprise anyone by winning World’s this year, but BMW Lounge seems to be making a statement as of late that they are the team to beat. What are your thoughts on them?

DJ:  I love BMW on and off the field. We (NL Sports/No Limit) have given them two games this year in the last inning. But yes, they are one of the top teams to beat by far.


BSC STAFF: You have to be pleased to have the Worlds in your backyard this year, does this offer you any advantages other than financial ones.

DJ: Yes., knowing my way to all the parks without a map.


BSC STAFF: No Limit and several others have shown the ability to compete with Super Rec. teams, would you have a problem with moving up, if BSC moved quite a few of you up?(Please note, this is just the Webmaster being inquisitive, I have not heard of any plans of wholesale changes to the Rec Division)

DJ: No, not if we win the world this year. I would if we don't, because we haven't beat a super rec team yet or won our share of rec tournaments this year.


BSC STAFF: Are there any other teams that you look forward to playing against in 2006, that you have not played yet?

DJ: Yes So. Georgia Magic. Not calling them out, they are the only team that Mr. Wayne Brady on the message board has ranked over us that we haven't played. But I like playing BMW and NC Ballers. 




 BSC STAFF: When did you start playing softball?

DJ: Local (Cincinnati) in 1996


BSC STAFF: What was your first BSC experience?

DJ: 2000 in the ATL playing with the Cincinnati A's


BSC STAFF: What were your thoughts after your first BSC tournament?

DJ: LOVE, basketball was my 1st love until that tournament. Now softball is 1st and basketball is a distant 2nd.



BSC STAFF: Have you noticed any changes?

DJ: Yes, more teams, tournaments and a lot more competitive this year.


BSC STAFF: Behind all great teams are great sponsors; is there anyone that you want to recognize?

DJ: Yes, Mr. Charles Grundy 1st and then my teammates because outside of our coach, we are a self sponsored team.


BSC STAFF: Any relation to No Limit Records?

DJ: None. But there is No Limit to what this team can do.



 BSC STAFF: You are a frequent visitor to the BSC website; give us your thoughts on it.

DJ: I'm always on, and I love the website. You can say what you need and also meet new friends of the BSC family.



BSC STAFF: Give us your thoughts on BSC as it stands today.

DJ: Good as a whole. Definitely the most enjoyable circuit to play on. But still needs some work. Growing and I bet it will get better as the website users give their input


BSC STAFF: As we always ask, if you could make one change in BSC, what would it be?

DJ: RULE BOOK: This is a big problem that should be fixed 1st. "How can you have order without RULES in place"


BSC STAFF: That just about wraps it up, any shout outs?

DJ: Gina L. Williams (Wifey) who is down with me no matter good or bad, right or wrong. OH Yea Chuck and My teammates, Nikey, Carey and Chris Taylor, B.K., Donald B, THayes, Duke, Reggie aka Nati #3, Seth aka the bus #36, Carlos Gray and team Graystone, Team Nati, Chip and TBI, AllNet, Rush Auto,Cincinnati Nationals, 502 Boyz, Lex Canes, Eastside (Yea I said Eastside) Scubbs, Big Al and #25 NC Ballers, BMW Lounge, Davida, Ms Dat, NKO zone, Wade, 911, Cita, Ball of Fall, Ms Nashville, BamBam, Sandy Tucker, DRED, And I would like to give a special shout-out to my FRIENDS Chris Dozier, Dimp and Chuck (Down when money is up and when money is down)