Player Profile


Lee Daniels


WEBMASTER: What’s Up Lee?

Lee Daniels: What's going on Mr. Clay AKA 911/Scareface!


WEBMASTER: So what have you been doing since the World Tournaments?

Lee Daniels: Doing the day to day work thing and coaching football. I'm still playing softball and running on fumes!!!


WEBMASTER: How did you get started playing softball?

Lee Daniels: Actually, I started playing local softball with my best friend back in 1998. The following year I had a gentleman call me about trying out for a B class ball team in Macon, Georgia. I played, had a great season and more phone calls followed!


WEBMASTER: And how long have you been playing?

Lee Daniels: I've been playing 8 years.


WEBMASTER: What teams have you played with?

Lee Daniels: I played with the Fitzgerald Merchants, Benard Bros. ,Cherokee Brick, Banks Oil, Avalon Sports, Colbert Plumbing, Boam/Breeze, Jean Shoppe & Atl Storm/SoSo Def


WEBMASTER: Will you be returning to So So Def in 2007?

Lee Daniels: I knew this was coming!!! Let's just say that it has been a long time coming & and the team that I will play with will have a full commitment from me all year.  There won't be 2 teams in 2007 as in years past for me.  Expect some good things!


WEBMASTER: What was your most memorable moment from 2006?

Lee Daniels:  The victory over Class Act that Saturday night in Aiken. The drama, the build up to that game was awesome. The people were all around and the atmosphere was great! Also, the bus ride up to St. Louis with So-So Def & the Supersonics was one I'll never forget. I don't think I've ever laughed so much and enjoyed a trip as much as that one!


WEBMASTER: What was your favorite tournament?

Lee Daniels: Nelly's was by far my favorite although it was HOT!!!


WEBMASTER: If you had to start a team from the circuit, who would be your first pick?

Lee Daniels:  If my brother Kenny Key was living, it would be him! However, Duke Donaldson would be my 1st pick. He's probably the best hitter I've ever played with and definitely the best teammate I've ever had. His ability to be a leader and motivator speaks volumes. Also, let me say that JB from Primetime & T-Mac are close 2nds (Props 2u two!!!)


WEBMASTER: Approximately how many Black Softball Circuit tournaments do you play in a year?

Lee Daniels: About 6 to 8.


WEBMASTER: What do you like most about playing on the Black Softball Circuit?

Lee Daniels:   The ATMOSPHERE is just like a family reunion...a get together of sorts. Between the lines is like playing basketball with all of the trash talking! Afterwards there's nothing but love! I also get a chance to see a lot of people that I don't see much throughout the season because of how much I've played on the open circuit over years.


WEBMASTER: You have accomplished quite a lot on the baseball and softball circuit, what keeps you going?

Lee Daniels:  My mom, she was the inspiration for it all. She was a mother and father to me. She told me at an early age that I was going to college and it would take an academic or athletic scholarship for me to do so. She recognized my talent and desire at an early age for the game and made sure that I could pursue my dream. She passed while I was at a world tournament in Johnson City, TN in 2004. That was a very difficult period for me. So I play every tournament with her in mind.



WEBMASTER: What improvements would you like to see made within the Black Softball Circuit?

Lee Daniels:  I would like to see directors be fairer to all of the divisions when it comes to exposure & prize packages. More importantly, I would like for directors to research rosters a lot better during the worlds.  Too many people have pick ups that sneak through at season's end. Just like most people, I wish that we could play close together in the bigger tournaments so we can see more play by all divisions.


WEBMASTER:  What are your goals for the 2007 season?

Lee Daniels: My personal goal is always to have a 700 plus batting avg. I also want to be in great condition when next season starts. Coming off knee surgery last year, I wasn’t able to get in top shape like years past. I played a lot in the Outfield in 2006 after being in the infield for nearly 2 years & it took me a while to get in shape. 2007 will be a special year for me!


WEBMASTER: Tell us something about you that most people do not know.

Lee Daniels: I have 3 beautiful kids, LeAndrea 9 & Jordan 7are my girls and Drew, my son is 5. I have a wonderful lady who’s been in my life for 3 years, Ms. Adrienne Sweat. Also, that I'm a former professional baseball player of 9 years. I played for 5 years in the Toronto Blue Jays Organization, 2 with the Atlanta Braves, & 2 seasons in the White Sox Organization before 2 shoulder surgeries ended my career. I teach & coach 3 sports at Coffee County in Douglas, Ga.  I've also been umpiring for 2 years, so I'm always active and involved in something.


WEBMASTER: That is about it. We thank you for your time, any shout outs!

Lee Daniels: First let me say THANKS to you Clay. You have done so much for our softball community and you are much appreciated!!! Shout-Outs to  Adrienne,  my boys Duke & Rhodney Donaldson, Reggie Brown(My Hero), Willie Brown, Spanky, Terrence(Magicman), Mary, Cathy & Flo, Andre Slaughter & The Supersonics, Mr. Rick & Mrs. Arnitha, The PT Family, Owen, Ray(Pimp), Nut & The SoSo Def Family, Wolf & all of the regulars online. Thanks for all the laughs!!