Player Profile



WEBMASTER:  What's Up Megal?

Megal: What's up 911?


WEBMASTER: You finally captured that elusive World Title.

Megal:  Yeah, we are going after the BASA and USSSA title as well in the ’07.


WEBMASTER: It wasn’t with the entire Mavericks squad, but it did have some of your core players. Does that affect your perspective on winning the title?

Megal: No, not at all, it was great group of guys that we played with and it seemed like we had been playing together all year.


WEBMASTER: The thing that everyone noticed about the team in Rock Hill was its chemistry. So the obvious question is, is there any chance of keeping the team together?

Megal: There is a big chance. A team like that, you have to at least try to. We are working on some things right now.


WEBMASTER: How does this affect the Mavericks for 2007?

Megal: If everything goes right, this will be the “Mavericks” in 2007.


WEBMASTER: Another notable was that you guys had no bench, so are you guys looking to add to the roster?

Megal: Most definitely. It will take more than 10 or 11 guys over the course of a season. Look out for the roster soon, it will be interesting.


WEBMASTER: So when can one see the squad in action in 2007?

Megal: You won't have to wait long, we will be in Gulfport, MS for the MLK Classic.



WEBMASTER: Let’s focus on you now, how did you get started playing softball?

Megal: In ’95 I was at work and a co-worker asked me to play. My first reaction was that softball is a girls sport, but I played and have been hooked ever since.


WEBMASTER: What teams have you played for?

Megal: MIA, Fly Time, Creative Walls, Total Package, Detroit Mavericks and of course the Young Thugs.



WEBMASTER: I had talked to you all year at various tournaments and you seem pretty quiet, but in Rock Hill you were off the chain, which personality is more dominant?

Megal: I am just a quiet fun guy that likes to have fun, so a little bit of both. As long as I am having fun, everything is fine.


WEBMASTER: I won’t ask about goals, but what do you most look forward to in ‘07?

Megal: Whichever route the Mavericks take, trying to carry the chemistry from the ASA worlds with us.  



WEBMASTER: You are one of the better hitters that I saw all year, what is your practice regimen?

Megal: The gym and indoor batting cage during the winter months and then in the spring and summer, just getting with the fellas and hitting as much as possible.


WEBMASTER: Give me your top 5 hitters on any level of the black softball circuit, no particular order?

Megal: Willie Brown, Rhodney Donaldson, Wolf, Duke Donaldson, this guy at the Super Draft last year, don’t know his name, but I think he plays for Prime Time.


WEBMASTER: What do you like most about playing on the black circuit?

Megal: Every weekend it is like a big family reunion. I have never met this many people and had this much fun playing any sport.


WEBMASTER: As we always ask, if you could make one change in the world of black slow pitch softball, what would it be?

Megal: There is a lot of talk about umpires, but I think some directors need some scrutiny as well. You can tell who is just in it for the money. So I would say the associations should do a better job of selecting the people who put the tournaments on.


 WEBMASTER:  OK, now give us your shout outs.

Megal: First and foremost to the webmaster, the BASA crew(Carmen and Hercle), My Maverick Homies, The 1800 crew(InnnnnCogNiiiiiiiiiiito!), the whole Black Softball Circuit Family and to the Young Thugs(Let it Rain, And Clear It Out!)

2006 ASA Black American World Champions