BSC STAFF: Hi Stacie.

Stacie: Hello


BSC STAFF: Another year of dominance being displayed by Enough Said?

Stacie: Yes, it sure is. It's great to be part of an incredible group of diversified individuals who can come together and dominate the way we do and have fun while we do it.



BSC STAFF: This interview will be remembered more for being the first non-black profiled than anything else, you are aware of that?

Stacie: I'm aware of that, but it doesn't take away from feeling honored to be profiled by BSC. I respect what BSC stands for, however, I think that limiting any sport is holding back something good from being something great.


BSC STAFF: Due to the number of non-blacks on your roster, when playing BSC you have to make adjustments. This has caused you to sit out the biggest regular season tournament of the year(Nelly), give us your thoughts on that.

Stacie:  I can honestly say that, as an athlete, this is one of the hardest sacrifices I have had to make. When you strive to be the best and like to compete the way I do, you want to be in every game of every tournament.



BSC STAFF: You do understand that there is still a need for Black American programs?

Stacie: Yes, I understand the need for Black American programs, but the world is so diverse today and limiting any arena based on race is a hard pill for someone in my shoes to swallow. My family is both Black American and white.



BSC STAFF: I played co-ed with you for years and have been impressed how you handle the racism issue from both sides, has the experiences changed your outlook on the race issue?

Stacie: I would be lying if I said "no". Experiences are what makes up an individual. I've been fortunate to surround myself with "wonderful people" whom the majority happen to be black.


 BSC STAFF Your team plays pretty much any tournament you are allowed to play in, what atmosphere do you enjoy most?

Stacie: The BSC atmosphere is definitely the most enjoyable. It's a feeling of unity amongst all the teams. However, the atmosphere comes second, Playing softball and winning is what it's all about.



BSC STAFF: You have won more than your share of world championships, what is the motivation for you now?

Stacie: Well when you have a coach(Ian Houston) and a team leader(Sirene Johnson) like the Enough Said group has, you're motivated by their dedication and commitment. You'll never meet two people who are as passionate about this sport as these two.




BSC STAFF: You were a high school All-American and played at one of the top collegiate programs(Florida State University) in the country, which career will leave you with the most memories?

Stacie: Playing ball at FSU was amazing. I had never played fast-pitch before signing to play with FSU. My first love is slow-pitch softball, so I would have to say my high school career.



BSC STAFF: You were a highly recruited two sport athlete like many others, with offers to play volleyball at Notre Dame and other top schools.

Stacie: I enjoyed playing both sports, but like I just stated, softball is my first love. Being afforded the opportunity to play at Florida State was a dream come true.



BSC STAFF: Will you finish your career with Enough Said, and how much longer do you think you will play the game?

Stacie: I can't imagine not playing softball and as long as Enough Said is around, this is where I'll be.



BSC STAFF: Are your pre-season goals for 2006 still intact and what were they?

Stacie: I wanted Enough Said not to lose a game all year, but we have one loss in the books. The ultimate goal is to win all of the Worlds. I believe we can do that.


BSC STAFF: What is your off-season workout regime?

Stacie: I'm passionate about being fit. I train 4-5 days a week for about 2 hours. I do 45-60 minutes of cardio and rotate days with upper body and lower body weights. Abs are an every day must. And there is no off-season.



BSC STAFF: Enough Said is definitely on the BSC scene in a big way, what is your favorite stop on the BSC circuit?

Stacie: My favorite stop would have to be the Worlds. It's the big show. This is what you practice and train for all year long.



BSC STAFF: What do you like most about playing on the BSC circuit?

Stacie: I like the crowds and the trash talking that goes on during the games. When you're on the field it's all about winning, but when you're off everyone(for the most part) doesn't take what has been done or said on the field personal.



BSC STAFF: What do you do professionally?

Stacie: Professionally, I am a State Probation and Parole Officer.




BSC STAFF: That is about it, any shout outs?

Stacie: To my wonderful children, Kenzie and Tre', you light up my life. Daddy, thanks for all the love and help along the way. Mom, thank you teaching me how to be a survivor. You are my inspiration. Shannon and Eli Rosier(Derrty Ent.), words cannot express the gratitude I have for the hand you have had in helping me raise my children. My friend, mentor and confidante Sirene, thanks for being there for me when I needed a level head before I made a bad decision. Ian(coach), thanks for the hugs when they are needed the most. Robert"1-9" Jackson, you are truly missed. Buffy, thanks for the laughs. Dee, you're ridiculous. Rhodney, thanks for the beautiful son we share. To the Enough Said family, we are truly blessed to be a part of each other's lives, let's enjoy every moment. Finally, I thank God for my talents, my health, and all the wonderful people who have touched my life.