Bryant "Head" Herrien

BASA STAFF:  What's Up Head?
Head: What's up BASA?

BASA STAFF: Another two-sport star on the BASA circuit and from an HBCU.

Head:  Well actually I played 3 sports baseball, football, and track in college.

BASA STAFF: Tell us a little about your college days at Alcorn State?

Head: Its funny you asked that. My wife and I were just talking about our college days yesterday. Going to an HBCU is and great experience. When I came in I was the #5 back and by the first game I was the #1 back. I also got a chance to play with both of the McNair quarterbacks, (Fred and Steve). Most people donít know but my best position in baseball was centerfield. I was always the smallest one on the field, but carried a big stick.  HBCU's are so much like the BASA tournaments now,  itís always a grill going and friends just hanging out having a good time.     

BASA STAFF: There is a lot of talk about getting celebrities involved in sponsoring Black American teams, but Steve McNair was one of the first, and has been for quite a well?

Head: When I first asked Steve, I was told to get what I needed and let him know. I was just starting myself and didnít know the players that I know now. He has done some great things for this team over the years. Hopefully we can get him more involved with the BASA program.

BASA STAFF: Does having a big sponsor increase the pressure to win a World Championship?

Head: In a way it does, because you want to let him know that his money is not being wasted. The good thing about our sponsor is as long as we are competing he is happy.

BASA STAFF: Speaking of World Championships, you guys are one of the top teams every year, but have yet to bring home a title. And this year, you are the only team on the circuit who has notched a win over both Class Act and Atlanta Storm, are you getting close to that elusive title.

Head: We have always been maybe one or two players from getting there but I think this year may be our year. If we continue to play as a team and with heart, we will have a great finish this year. All I can say is: WATCH OUT FOR AIR MAC, WE COMING.


BASA STAFF: And speaking of Atlanta Storm, the road to the title seems to go through them this year, are they more rival or more nemesis to you?

Head: I would consider them a rival more than anything. Over the years we have given Storm some great games. My kids are always telling Owen we want Storm LOL. I have much respect for those guys. That is who I won my ring with.  I still want to win one with my team Air Mac.

BASA STAFF: And speaking of Class Act, you were courted quite heavily by Wolf to join the Act family; did you give it any serious consideration?

Head: Yes I did give it some thought. Wolf is a great player, who wouldnít want to play with him. I also thought what Wolf was trying to put together I already had. With the pickups I had this year (KJ, Jerome, Scott, Cap and Speedy) I knew we would be a better team.


BASA STAFF: How long has Air Mac been together?

Head: We have been together since '99.

BASA STAFF: Has the nucleus of the team pretty much remained intact over the years?

Head:  For the last couple of years it has. We have always played and competed with what we had. We have had a few pickups here and there, but so far it has been the same. Thatís what has always made us a family.
BASA STAFF: How did you guys come together as a team?
Head: I started playing with this team called Club Escape and the next year I decided to talk with Steve and put my own thing together. Air Mac has been here every since.
BASA STAFF:  How did get you involved with softball?
Head: I got involved with softball when I met my wife. I went home with her one weekend and her family saw me hit the ball and I have been playing every since.
BASA STAFF: Your son is an avid supporter of you on the softball field, he is obviously a good student in the classroom, is he going to be a baseball or football star?
Head: Yes, he is. My daughter is also a big supporter. You will hardly ever see me at the park without my family. My son just finished his first year playing baseball and he was 35 for 45 at bats with 4 homeruns. He is playing All Star ball right now. The good thing about it is he is a lefty. This will also be his first year playing football too.

 BASA STAFF: You guys have a strong fan base that seem to be with you at every tourney, do you think fans play any part in the outcome of games?
Head: Most definite. Our support has come mostly from our families. We have also picked up fans along the way. Our families are with us every time we travel. They donít mind telling us what we are doing wrong or getting on the opposing team either. Our fans play a big part in the outcome of some of our games. You donít want to face some of them when you lose.  They really make us focus.
BASA STAFF: Give us your thoughts on BASA as it stands today.
Head: I really enjoy the atmosphere at the BASA tournaments. Itís very different from when I first started playing softball. It great competition, it just brings out the best in me.
BASA STAFF: As we always ask, if you could make one change in BASA, what would it be?
Head: I would like to see everything even across the boards, meaning, not favor certain players or certain teams. I would also like to see better umpires. As we all know there is always room for change.
BASA STAFF: That just about wraps it up; do you have any shout outs?
Head: I would like to give shout outs to my wife and kids who are my biggest fans, the Air Mac Family, and the rest of the BASA family.  I would also like to thank you for the interview.