Derrick Williams


BSC STAFF: What's up Derrick?

Derrick: Im Blessed! What’s the deal  BSC Family?


BSC STAFF:  First saw you play in Gulfport in ’08 and you were holding shortstop down like a seasoned veteran. So it came as a total shock to know that you had only been playing ball a few years and had never played baseball either.

Derrick: Appreciate it! We had a good tournament. We took 3rd. It was bout 20 below zero huh? Lol! Maaaaaaan! It was cold down there but I must say that it still turned out to be a real good tournament. That was the tournament that made me realize that I haven’t been playing real softball…That was the most competition we had ever faced as a team at that time. We played some good teams. After that, we wanted to play on this side every weekend.


BSC STAFF: So have you how long been playing?

Derrick: It all started as a family thing on the weekends bout 6 or 7 years ago. We would meet up at the park on Saturdays at bout 2pm and pick teams. From that, we ended up forming a team and taking it to the next level. This year will make my 4th year on the circuit.


BSC STAFF: What teams have you played with?

Derrick: I played with 2Fast 2Furious, Done Right, UT Rocstars and now Broker Boyz! ….All Houston area teams.


BSC STAFF: There are several female sponsors on the circuit as well as managers, but you may have the only female coach of a men’s team on the circuit. How have the guys responded to her?

Derrick: I think it was the best thing that has happened for us as a team. They believed in us and stood behind us while other people were only out to benefit. Most teams would have probably broken up if they would have gone through what we went through before we got to the Broker’s organization. We all wanted to play together so we moved on to a better situation… No love lost!


BSC STAFF: She doesn’t mind putting the show on the road either. You guys have attended several large tournaments this side of the Mississippi, when previously you mainly played around the Texas/Louisiana area. Have you noticed much difference between the two circuits? You obviously enjoy playing both.

Derrick: I have been some places that I probably would not have seen if it wasn’t for their desire to travel and play ball. We like the intense competition that we play against on this side. It’s a big difference between the two circuits if you ask me…. I would rather play ball on this side for many reasons but I don’t wanna start nothing. We (Houston) do have a few tournaments that are top notch but not many. I think our biggest tournament in Texas is the Budweiser Classic… Bout 300 teams.


BSC STAFF: Speaking of both circuits, you got voted sexiest male on the Top Dog message board as well as the BSC message board, which is a first, what’s up with that? LOL

Derrick: LOL!!! I knew that was coming… To be honest I really can’t tell u how that happened… I didn’t know I was involved in the Poll on Top Dog message board until I got a PM that said Congratulations!!!! Then they decided to do a re-count and I got it again. The one that was held on the BSC board caught me by surprise… my teammate (22) didn’t talk to me for two weeks… LOL!!! It was all out of fun though… I appreciate all the Love Ladies!


BSC STAFF: The internet has really changed our everyday lives and very much so the atmosphere around softball. What are your thoughts on the message boards?

Derrick: Well…. All I can tell you is that if you ever think about taking this site down you might want to consider changing your phone #, your email, your name and moving to another state…LOL!! Naw but I think the board is a good thing to have. It allows people who stay hundreds of miles apart to keep in touch. It is very informative and it has a family–like atmosphere just like you get at the tournaments.  


BSC STAFF: Are there any teams that you look forward to playing each week, whether it is in Texas or here on the east coast?

Derrick: I look to play the best every weekend! The way I look at it is once the bracket go up it don’t matter who we play… we in Mash Mode!


BSC STAFF: What is your favorite tournament to play on the circuit?

Derrick: I would have to say our Broker’s Family tournament in New Orleans and the BSC Worlds in Columbus, Ga. The competition and the atmosphere is like none other that I have experienced.


BSC STAFF: Will make a deal with you. We will make the BSC Worlds just as exciting as it was last year, if you can at the least duplicate the atmosphere in New Orleans again. LOL../span>

Derrick: LOL!! Done Deal!!!! I gotcha! That is already in the making… you just make sure you there… LOL!


BSC STAFF: That about wraps it up, any shout outs or final thoughts?

Derrick: Awready!!! First and foremost, to GOD Almighty for giving me the talent and the competitive edge to play this game. To 911 for putting together an association that we can all be proud of. I want to give a shout out to my whole Broker Family…Hope, Tashia, Lady Broker’s… Love Ya’ll..Them dang Broker Boyz…...BBB!!! Shout out to the best Softball organization on earth (BSC), keep up all the good/hard work ya’ll are doing because it is greatly appreciated… I know I get a pull-over or something for that one huh???? LOL!!! selbahcuotnU '08!  Shout out to the whole BSC Family…What up my bruda from anotha mother (Putt)???.... wit yo drunk…LOL!!  What up my Round… (Dafranchise)? What up Black Baby? Shout outs to CHICHI, KEYLOLO, TGRIFF, KF050383, LADYLAW, GTERRY, REDD14, MEME, THKNRED23, DEUCE22DEUCE, SWINGMAN24, GNUTTS,  SPEEDY, JOEJR, BERNI, BATTMAN, FLORIDAGRL, CANNONISPENCER22GILLY, BRUCE, MO, BIGPAPI, CHURCH, MS. DAT,  LIL_HURT, SWAT15, JCARRIERE, PLAYSOFTBALLUSA, MZLEGS, LILBIT,  NB21, THATCHICK54, VONFLA,  N7COGNITO, CTHUMERHITBCS_PIMP,  MACTOWN8, HONEYCUTT, REAGANMADEULOOK32,  JAYDAWG21, MSTE23, SUPASTARR6, BARON, SPEEDY, DOLL02, COCOADIVA, NAY NAY84, THEKID,   SEXYSOFTBALL, SHOSTOPPA7, MELBA23, BOSSMAN, DGUNN, SKUDS34, DELDRIDGE, CANTY, HIT_IT_ANYWHERE, PITCHER21 and my dog SWEAT. I can’t name all of yall but if I could then I would but I can’t so I aint! Last but not least I wanna give a special shout out to those who are gone but definitely not forgotten… R.I.P. T. Fowler (Spanky) & Greg Ferguson (GF4L)!  SEE YOU IN AIKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!