BSC STAFF:  What's Up Honeycutt?

HONEYCUTT:  What�s up BSC family.

BSC STAFF: You have all sorts of congratulations in order. World Champ, Offensive MVP at Worlds and BSC Player of the year?

HONEYCUTT:  Yes, I do have a lot to be thankful for, and people to thank such as Ian and his Camp Houston and my Change The Game Teammates.


BSC STAFF: You were a virtual unknown on the circuit, but that is not the case anymore.

HONEYCUTT:  I have to thank my teammates again, because they helped to put us and myself in this position.

BSC STAFF: As you know, Change The Game has to make that leap this year to a higher level of softball. What are your thoughts on that?

HONEYCUTT:  It�s what�s best for us. We get to hit the long ball more and play less games. So we are actually looking forward to it.

BSC STAFF: Some of the vets like Eli Rosier and Mo Smith were on the New Image team that won a previous World, how instrumental was it to having that leadership on the team.

HONEYCUTT:  At the very beginning, Mo said he was not going to play this year unless he had a full time commitment from me.  That bond with him helped me tremendously. He taught me so much about the circuit itself which plays such a vital part of winning a world title, besides hitting and fielding. And Eli helped me to broaden my offensive game.

 BSC STAFF: You are another in a long list of players that played some high level of minor league baseball, if you take away the money factor, which game do you enjoy most.

HONEYCUTT: It has to be the black softball circuit. It is not even close. The women, music, atmosphere; there is just nothing like it. That is the first thing I said to Mo at my first tournament, and he was like are you sure you ready for this.

BSC STAFF: You and your cousin Tonanyne are arguably the best outfield combo on any level, what do you think?

HONEYCUTT:  If that is the case, then I owe it to my cousin Tonanyne, who taught me so much growing up about the nuances of playing the outfield. I guess people see our arm strength and accuracy and with us both being lefties, we are a lethal combination. I hear people say it all the time, but you still have to go out and make the plays.

BSC STAFF: As you look forward to next year, what comp/super rec teams do you look forward to facing?

HONEYCUTT:  All of them, they are a step up in competition and we look forward to playing them all.

BSC STAFF: With all of your accolades, you have offers from the highest level of softball, but I sense the circuit is where your heart is at.

HONEYCUTT: No doubt, this environment can�t be beat. I played with a couple of teams already this year on the other circuit and did well, but this circuit is just where it is at for me. I have offers to go back to the minors as well, but I have had my time, I am playing for the fun of it now.

BSC STAFF: If you could change anything about the circuit, what would it be.

HONEYCUTT: Nothing, I hear people complaining all of the time, but man I love it. Nothing in life is perfect. We played on some of the crappy fields, but we also played on some of the best as well. Gulfport and Aiken next year can�t get here fast enough for me.

 BSC STAFF: This just about wraps it up, any shoutouts?

HONEYCUTT:  For sho! My teammates of Change The Game, Ian, Sirene and Ira. Damon Larry Raynell, and Coach Karl. To our women counterparts, Enough Said Easton. To the BSC message board family, it is way too many of you to name, but I have nothing but love for all of you. And 911, keep doing what you do, we all appreciate it.