BSC STAFF: What's up Tonya?
Tonya: Good Morning BSC Family!

BSC STAFF: Your profile has been one of the most requested, what's up  with that?
Tonya:  Wow! One of the most requested huh? I wasn't aware of that. 
 Maybe YOU can tell ME what's up with that! I just play softball, I don't
 have all of the accolades and awards like that HONEYCUTT guy, so your
 guess is as good as mine! LOL!!!
BSC STAFF: What's up with the nickname Monster?
Tonya: No one calls me that, but that crazy T-Rel from Mississippi.

BSC STAFF: Well I watched you play in Jackson, and you are definitely a
Tonya: Thanks, I have come a long way, and I have an even longer way to
 go, but I really appreciate that. I hope to make tremendous progress
 this off season.

BSC STAFF: How long have you been playing softball?
Tonya: This season completed 2 full years!  I didn't grow up playing
 softball, didn't play in High School or college. I started in 03' but
 didn't finish the season.  I moved to Tampa for about a year and a half,
 but I played a lot of sand volleyball. So when I decided to move back
 to Dallas, 2 years and 2 kids later in 05', I committed to PrimeTime -
 Dallas, Tx.

BSC STAFF: How did you get started?
Tonya: Funny story...You got time? Good! I was playing in a Basketball
 Tournament at Singing Hills Recreation Center in Oak Cliff (Dallas)
 when the Coach of PrimeTime-Dallas, came up to me and asked if I played
 softball.  I said, "No," but he guaranteed me that if I wanted to play
 and put in the work, he could make me a good player.  I listened with a
 little interest until he said; he would make me a short stop!  He lost
 me there! (lol)  I said, "What?"  I eventually went to practice and
 actually played short stop in a few tournaments.  I was quick back then, I
 could pick up anything, but I only got the easy out. (lol)  I didn't
 know I was supposed to get the cut off, I didn't know when to take it
 myself or throw to turn two, or that I should basically be the
 quarterback of the infield! Hell to the NO, it was too much to learn in a month.
  Finally he moved me to third.  So after moving to Florida and coming
 back to Texas, I asked the coach to teach me how to judge the ball
 because I wanted to play outfield.  I eventually got back in shape, so he
 put me out there and that's where I am comfortable.  There's always room
 for improvement, but I must say I have confidence in my game anywhere

BSC STAFF: You played semi-pro basketball, you were nationally ranked,
 collegiate heptathlete in track, you currently play the USVBA
 (volleyball) winter tournaments, and your kid's father played in the NFL, they
 must be quite the athletes themselves?
 No seriously, both my daughters are amazing, beautiful, talented
 little girls. They got it honest! Lol! 

 The oldest one, Aniyah - 11, is athletic but she is into modeling,
 acting, and dance.  She is a dreamer, very petite, quiet, but assertive
 and ambitious. She works for Gap Kids, KD studios and Angel Faces Inc. -
 Dallas and John Robert Powers - Tampa as well as Caasi Inc. She loves athletics, but has
 not yet shown interest in participating in any particular sport.  

Now my youngest, Iyanah - 3, is the total opposite.  She already has
 cuts in her arms and legs! She looks like she is 6 yrs old! (lol) She
 runs and jumps all of the time. I call her the little boy I will never
 have. (lol)  She's very aggressive, a fighter, but never meets a stranger.
  My parents say she is exactly like me!  She is in gymnastics and
 twirling right now.  I was a really good twirler and tumbler when I was a
 little girl, but left that alone with no regrets when I realized my mom
 couldn't afford to pay for me to go to college and running around that
 track and putting that ball in that basket would! Lol!  So I will let
 my girls figure it out too! LOL!

BSC STAFF: So what have you been up to since the USSSA World
Tonya: Work, work, and More work.  I'm a passionate High School coach
 so I spend long hours at work.  Unfortunately our Volleyball season
 didn't go as well as it should have, but Basketball season has started and
 should definitely be better.  I am playing a little coed, but right now
 WORK is what pays the bills, so when I have time I get a few swings

BSC STAFF: Since we first set up this interview, you have moved from
 the Dallas area, to the Houston area, will this affect what team you play
 on next year?
Tonya: Definitely!  I am not a seasoned player who doesn't have to
 PRACTICE!  I need to be with a team close to me that I can practice with
 because I have so much to learn.  Not to mention there are several teams
 in this area that WANT me to play with them, so it makes it easier to
 work out, play, and have fun. 


BSC STAFF: So what are your thoughts on the Black Softball Circuit?  
Tonya: The Black Softball Circuit from what I've seen so far is a one
 BIG FAMILY! The average BLACK Family...Dysfunctional! LOL!!! Every
 tournament is just a big Family Reunion.  You have the "drunken" uncle, the
 "messy" aunt, the "crazy" cousin, and the old heads who just love
 seeing how the youngsters have grown and how things have changed.  Somebody
 is bound to fight, they kiss and make up, and then the same thing
 happens all over again the following Reunion! LMAO!!!  And none of us would
 dare miss it! 

BSC STAFF:  Are you looking forward to next year?
Tonya: Surprisingly, YES!  I was so ready for this past season to be
 over, but now that it is... I miss it!  I have set some goals for myself
 for next year so I'm ready to get busy!  I've lost a little weight and
 I'm getting stronger so I plan to have a GREAT year!  I'm hitting a lot
 better already!

BSC STAFF: We always ask, if you could change one thing about the
 circuit, what would it be?
Tonya: I have to say that I agree with Karla (LIA) about a major change
 in Umpires!  A lot of the umpires are biased and that takes the fun
 out of playing.  I just want to be able to go out of town, compete and
 have a fair chance to win. 

BSC STAFF: Ok, that's a wrap, any shoutouts?
Tonya: I definitely have to Thank God for breathing breathe into me
 everyday that I wake up!  My mom and my beautiful daughters for putting up
 with me during the seasons! Big Shout Outs to Robert and Bill for my
 first real softball experience, PrimeTime - Dallas.  The Lady Canes II -
 Dallas/Ft.Worth, Tx. - Coach Greg and Robin Tarpley,  Lady Undisputed
 Truth - Houston, Tx., - Vernon Dunn, Bucki, AC, and Uncle JB, Lady
 Elite - Lafayette, La., Lady Top Dogs - Houston, Tx. - Frank Neal,
 SupaStar, and Shonda (cowgirl)!  And Especially Mr. 911, Clay, for the
 interview! To the topdogsoftball Board Members, I wish I could name everyone
 but I'd be all day. 

To everyone I've met and grown to know as a friend, to those I don't
 know yet but will meet eventually, and to those I wish I had never
 met....THANKS!!! You all Make Me Better!