Tim Stokes

BSC STAFF: What's Up Stokes?

Stokes: I can't call it. Just working hard trying to help keep the Bad Boyz rolling.


BSC STAFF:Let's get it ready for the Hot Seat? We tend to dig deep!!

Stokes: I know, a lot of bad blood has formed from this hot seat.hahahahaha


BSC STAFF: How long have you been playing softball?

Stokes: Off and on I been playing softball for about 6 years. I say off and on because I was chasing my football dreams. 5 years in the Arena League.


BSC STAFF: Have you ever played with any other teams?

Stokes: Before the Bad Boyz I played in a coupler tourneys with Johnny and Source 1 which is now SOS. 


BSC STAFF: What are you Teamsr 2008 goals? 

Stokes: My main goal is to win a world this year. I made a promise to my boy Breaker (Chris Evans) and I plan on going through with it. FREE BREAKER.



BSC STAFF: Ms.April gets my up most respect putting up with you knuckelheads....Is she as mean as she looks walking around the park on you guys?


Stokes: HAHAHHA. Yeah this is one of the questions that will get me in trouble. Let me think about this one.hahahahahahha But naw, your not going to find any person male or female more passionate towards the game than BossLady. She goes beyond the call of duty do whatever the Bad Boyz need to succeed. Some may feel she is mean and don't like her aggressive style but she sees something special in our team and we just haven't been playing to our expectation. She puts a lot of money in sponsoring us and all she wants us to do is give back to the community, have fun and win.


BSC STAFF: Bad Boys seem to have the same core of fellows....any additions that you like to share?

Stokes: Basically we just formed a mega squad from the Middle Georgia area. We all played with and against each other at some time or another so we all know each other well.


BSC STAFF: Before the MLK Classic, you joked about moving back down if things did not work out, well after that strong showing, I don’t think you guys will moving down anytime soon.


Stokes: HAHAHAHA, You never now. We might need that drop down pass. A lot teams were upset and motivated from the results of the MLK Classic in Orlando.


BSC STAFF: Had you guys played rec one more year, you would have been a favorite to win a world title. But since you moved up on your own, does this mean the competition means more than a ring to you guys, or does this mean you think it is just as easy to win a ring at the next level as it is in rec.


Stokes: I wouldn’t say it’s easier. I personally just like the odds of playing the least amount of teams. Softball is softball. Anybody can win on any given day.



 BSC STAFF: What position is it that you play/prefer to play??

Stokes: To be honest you will see me at every position on the field except pitcher. Whatever the team needs me at I will be there.



BSC STAFF: What are your thoughts on the state of the circuit today?

Stokes: The BSC is setting the bar really high. They giving the people what they want. The only thing I want to see change is more black teams with full sponsorships.




 BSC STAFF: OK, well we will wrap it up,any shout outs:

STOKES: Man I have to copy and paste this one. So If I missed you please blame it on LA8787.hahahahaha

thanks Clay for all you do. Shouts to All the Bad Boyz Wade, Bootsy, Dagwood, Spanky RIP, Boss Lady, Greg, Gary, Fuji, Magicman, Monk,  CP2,Dinsum10, preach,Von, NB21, Lady Law,Flo, MARY, SS21, SS the pitcher, MEME, Lcmneal, GAMIX 30, Mama Dobbs, Sexyslim1, NUNU,Houtsonchick,Suparstar, T-hill Vdub, NAY NAY,    THICKNESS, SWAT11, SWAT15, BABYMAMA, JCARRIERE, MS YO-YO26, ,PLAYSOFTBALLUSA,  REDD14, Missy, TGRIFF, Keylolo, Lilbitmo ,BERNI, INDIVIDUAL15,  LIL_HURT,  MLOFTON35, , MZLEGS, Steph25DEEONLY01, ,    PLAYMAKER24,  LILBIT,  SUPER8,  MS. VIDAVI, Peaches , KladyBlazer,   LIL GEE, MOONIE,  SWEETNESSTHATCHICK54,    BADGIRL21,  75 SOUTH, YOUNG GUNS,  DREA,  N7COGNITO,  ,  CTHUMERHIT,  PRETTYSMILE9,  BADGIRL1,     , BCS_PIMPGB23,  5FOOTA,  GNUTTS,  MACTOWN8, Mactownsister CHURCH,  BIGSWOLE 9,  YOUNG DUDE,  MSDAT,  NKOZONE,  WADE,  Canty, Roach, D-12, 1stimer, JACKSON0883, Taz, Big Dogg, Big Daddy,Da Answer, Taledog, The Glove, Smallz, Ponder, NKO, LA, Benzo,Ques, Mr. Baseball,  CTG09,   KMORGAN,   THUNDER#3 LIGHTIN4,  GAMEBREAKER,   UMPIRE RICKEY,  JELLYBOYS 19, SILKEEY, SUPER _D,  HONEYCUTT,  INCOGNITO13,  REAGANMADEULOOK32,  , HOTGIRL14, MSTE23,  ,  SPEEDY,  DOLL02, INCOGNITO2, INCOGNITO35 BigAl55, Deproct, JOEJR, EWEST,LSPENCER,TBI24, TWIN17TBI, SEVEN, BATTMAN, CHICHI, WILLIE B, SICCSIDE314, WOLF, GHOST, DEUCE22DEUCE,FLORIDAGYRL, HOTROD, BLUEDOGG33, ANGLEYZ, LEELEE.