Randy "Zone3" Jones

BSC STAFF: What's Up Zone?

Zone: What's Up Fam.


BSC STAFF: Lots of rumors running around, so you know you are in the hot seat?

Zone: Well let me get my lighter out and get in my zone. There will be a lot of dread shaking then I know. Let's roll.


BSC STAFF: Class Act/Storm/Elite, obviously this is a merger of some sort right?

Zone: Yes, we have taken what Wolf started and what Coach Nut started and combined their visions to put together the best Super Rec teams ever assembled.


BSC STAFF: That is a very strong statement to make, exactly who is on the roster, or is it a secret?

Zone: Class Act/Storm/Elite has nothing to hide, who would want to hide this. Our roster is spearheaded by Wolf, Coach Nut, Ken Adams(Wayne Brady) and Coach Ray. The roster which of course will include Wolf, is Kenny Wiggins, Ponder, D12, Lotay, Eli, Russ, Sean Cambridge, Big Sean, Gary "The King" Welch, Smooth, Honeycutt (Reggie), 5foota. You aint ready for this one, Vic from Dyme(LOL) and make sure you put the full name down for this next one. Tony "Jed" Johnson. The circuit isn't ready. We are going to destroy every team in our path.


BSC STAFF: Two years ago Class Act started out strong as well and did not finish the season, how is this year different.

Zone: We have some unfinished business. I am glad you brought this up. For all of the haters that say Class Act won't make it pass a certain date, meet us at the Ring table at all 4 worlds.

BSC STAFF: You have players from everywhere, that will take a tremendous budget won't it.

Zone: Well with Wolf living in Atlanta now, we really only have guys from 2 places, Florida and Georgia with the exception of 5 Foota in Missouri. But the answer to the question is we finally have sponsors that see a need in us and likewise us in them. But the biggest thing of all is we are like 17 brothers fighting to achieve one goal.


 BSC STAFF: I saw you playing just about every position on the field this year, will that be the same this year.

Zone: Oh no, we have every position on lock, I will be back in Zone 3(LOL).


BSC STAFF: Rumor is that you guys will have a sister team year, is that true.

Zone: Uh Oh, my fire is out and this seat has gotten too hot. I will just say maybe, but I have nothing to do with it.


BSC STAFF: OK, well we will wrap it up then, any shout outs?

Zone: Yes definitely, first of all to The Man above, my princess Lil Randy, my pooh baby, continue to be my soul mate stay lovable, adorable, charming and continue to be my everything. I love you. To the Class Act Family, Mama's Family, the coed dynasty. All my big brothers, thanks for educating me in this game that I have grown to love. To SoSo Def and Owens for teaching me the ropes. To the GoGetters repping the GA. To my homies Twan and T Canty, Cap, Speedy, Leon, Ya-Ya, Church, all the real fellas out there, Keep ya head up. To all the teams that will be destroyed in '08, don't get discouraged we are here for long haul, see ya'll in January. Thanks to Corleone family, let's get it. And especially the BSC for making it do what it do.