Player Profile


Demetria Douglas


WEBMASTER: What’s up Dee?

Dee:  Nothing much


WEBMASTER: So what have you been up to since the SBSA and USSSA World Tournaments?

Dee:  Well since I am a teacher and a head softball coach, I try to use this time to rest. And spend time with my daughter Nyah.


WEBMASTER:  The Lady Brokers made a huge debut in Birmingham in ’05, but we didn’t see you much outside of Texas this year, why is that?

Dee:  Some of our girls couldn’t get off of work in time. If we do not have the majority of the whole team, then we will not go. My coach does not believe in picking up players to play.


WEBMASTER: Texas is not only a huge state in size, but really huge when it comes to Black American Softball as well. Tell us about the circuit in Texas.

Dee:  Man, only if you where here to see it. I do not think I could describe how we do it down south.


WEBMASTER: You are alumni of LSU; tell us about your college career?

Dee: Well I went on a softball scholarship. On offense, I was the lead off batter with the most steals (my record still stands today). On defense, I was one of the pitchers and I played outfield. We won the SEC all 4 years I was there. My senior year we went to the college world series and place 3rd in the nation. I was also asked to run track my 5th year.  



WEBMASTER: You played in BASA World’s in Birmingham last year and Orlando this year; compare the competition to that you saw at those two Worlds to what you see weekly in Texas.

Dee: Playing in the other Worlds, we were able to play against variety of different teams from different states. Not too many teams come down south to play. So in Texas we end up playing a lot of Texas teams. And maybe one or two teams from Louisiana. 


WEBMASTER: Are you returning to the Lady Brokers next year.

Dee: Yes


WEBMASTER: Well we definitely want to see more people from the Lone Star state on the circuit this year, what will be your first tournament?

Dee: Well so far I know we are playing in January . I do not know the rest of the schedule yet. 


WEBMASTER: A lot of folks only know you through the message board, which is our primary reason for having this forum, what are your thoughts of the message board.

Dee: I have been a part of the board for two years now and this really has been the first year for me to really reply to some of the messages. But I enjoy the board because it keeps you inform on every thing that is going on. If you were not able to attend a tournament, after you read all the messages you feel like you were there.


WEBMASTER: Speaking of, what is the meaning behind Deeonly1?

Dee: I am the ONLY child (NO I AM NOT SPOILED, O.K. MAYBE A LITTLE) and my number is 01.


WEBMASTER: What do you like most about the black softball circuit?

Dee: Being able to meet nice people. Not only being able to watch but also play against a lot of good people our color. And to see the passion they have for the game of softball.


WEBMASTER: What changes or suggestions would you like to see on the black softball circuit?

Dee: I would like to see everybody on the same page when it comes down to the rules. I think that would stop a lot of the arguments that happen on the field.


WEBMASTER: What are your goals for 2007?

Dee: I really do not have that many goals because I give 110% every time I step out on the field. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have been playing softball since I was four years old on an all boys team. This is a passion for me and I enjoy it. You have some people step on the field and go through the motion. Then they turn around and ask there self “WHY, I COULD HAVE, OR MAYBE”? Every time I walk on or off the field, I know I gave my all. And more people need to be like that.


WEBMASTER: That is about it, any shout outs?

Dee: I would like to shout out to the LB’s (Lady Brokers my teammates). And say “H-TOWN DOING THE D - - N THING” (Meaning it’s going down in Houston)!!! But I am from La Marque. I know you’ll are asking where that is located. It is the last city you are in before Galveston.


I wanted to say Thank You for having the pleasure of doing a profile for the Black Softball Circuit board. And I wish everybody out there good luck on there upcoming season. Always remember to put GOD first and give him the GLORY. Do it right the first time, so you do not have to question yourself the second time.


                                                    Signing Out,

                                                    Dee Douglas


Lady Brokers