Player Profile



Twins(Tim(TBI24) and Ken(Twin17TBI) Booker)


First things first, who is older?

A.  That’s always the first question people ask us and the answer is TBI24 is older by 12 minutes.


I know I tell you two apart because one of you has a “fuller face” than the other, is there any other way that people can tell you two apart?

A.  Usually the weight difference is the give away, being that TBI24 is the larger one.  When we was the same weight, people who know us could tell us apart by the scar on twin 17TBI’s left cheek and the scar on the left eye brow of TBI24.


Is it true that twins have their own personal code they speak in to each other that no one else can understand?

A.  I wouldn’t say it’s a code, but we both talk really fast and can understand each other, while others ask “what the h_ _ _ did ya’ll say?”  We also finish each other’s sentences and often say the same thing at the same time.


How did you two begin playing softball?

A.  Twin 17TBI: My favorite sport in school was baseball.  After graduating high school, I began playing softball with my company’s team in 1996.  Being that softball was the closest thing to baseball, I fell in love with the sport.


TBI24: I started playing softball in 1997, the same year we started a team made up of our high school friends.  I became more serious with the game in 2002 when Team Bring It was started.


Have you always played on the same teams?

A.  Yes!  We always wanted to win, but win together.


Both of you are great lobbyist for your team when it comes to the rankings and getting your due respect, do you think TBI/MADMAX has a huge target on their back because of this?

A.  I wouldn’t say we’re lobbyist!  The board talk about the ranking is all in fun.  However, we feel we are one of the elite rec teams on the Black Circuit and therefore, we are targeted.  When other teams step between the lines, they should know that TBI/MADMAX will bring it! 


What are your goals for the team and individually this season?

A.  Our individual goals are basically the same, which is to continue improving our hitting and defense in our game.  Our team goal is to continue to build our TBI/MADMAX family and to win every tournament and a world title.


What do you enjoy most about the Black Softball Circuit?

A.  Twin 17TBI: I enjoy the competition, trash talking, and meeting new faces and friends.  However, most of all, I enjoy just being around my people without worry of any violence.


TBI24: We’re like a big family!  I enjoy the family reunion atmosphere, seeing old and new faces, meeting board members and being able to play this sport we all love.


What improvements would you like to see?

A. TBI24: I would like to see more Saturday games, so that games wouldn’t run over onto Sundays, or the games will not run as late so players can get home earlier to rest and be with their families before starting the work week.  I would also like to see more consistency in the umpires by possibly taking umpire class at least every two years  


Twin 17TBI: I agree with my brother about playing more Saturday games.


Any shout outs?

A. Twin 17TBI and TBI24: To our Almighty God for giving us talent and allowing us to play the game.  A shout out to Clay(911) and to all of our Black Softball Circuit Board members, to our TBI MADMAX family, and to all our family, friends and fans who come out to support us every weekend, to Bobby Anderson for helping me (TBI24) put this TBI MADMAX Family together.  A special shout out to MADMAX for sponsoring and believing in us.