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Terrence Canty

BASA STAFF: What's Up Canty?

Canty: What's Crackin Basa? I'm maintaining, protecting and worshipping my lil ladies; awaiting softball season.


BASA STAFF: Can you feel some Magic in the air for 2006?

Canty: When I don that uniform, often times I feel mystical, but as far as Magic; I don't believe in it; with a pilot like mine you don't need Magic.


BASA STAFF: South Ga. Magic is one of the most talked about teams on the BASA message board, why do you think that is?

Canty:  Ha Ha, Because of the talent we possess and the wins we have accumulated along the way. I think teams are beginning to respect us. We are still newcomers and it don't hurt that I run my big mouth on occasions. LOL


BASA STAFF: The Young Dudes appear to be one of your big, yet friendly rivals for 2006, and it appears to have started online. Now their side of the story says you specifically called them out, what is your side of the story?

Canty: No, I did not call them out. They mentioned our name in a post dealing with the Browns. We are trying to let the Lou know that GA will not falter. Just like the rivalry between the Braves and Cardinals.


BASA STAFF: Speaking of rivals, if you HAD to lose to either the Young Dudes or the Blazers, which would it be and why?

Canty: Ha Ha, I would rather kick some Ga Clay on both teams but if I had to..... Hmmm I guess it will be the Blazers because we'll have several opportunities to redeem ourselves. We refuse to lose to an out of state team.


BASA STAFF: We have over 20 Rec teams pre-registered for Aiken including you and your previously mentioned rivals, do you think the depth of your roster will provide an advantage for you that early in the season?

Canty: I think with the roster we posted, no one in the rec division will be able to beat us in 2006, including our mentioned rivals and not mentioneed rivals (Eastside Playas).


BASA STAFF: It was announced you guys made a big pickup in the off-season; can you elaborate on your roster moves?

Canty: We made several big pick-ups this year. We added power, reliability, knowledge, and speed. The pieces we have now should take us beyond glory.


BASA STAFF: You guys did not win the Worlds in 2005, but you had some big wins along the way, which do you remember the most?

Canty: I really don't remember the wins as much as the heartbreaking losses. We short gamed the first five teams we played at Worlds and then lost by two to Worth and Sunday afternoon lost to the Eastside playas (where we were up 9-0 in the fourth). So I remember losses rather than wins. I won money and lost my voice off the Storm/Derrty game though.


BASA STAFF: So are the pieces in place to seal the deal this year?

Canty: Of course the pieces are in place this year and with the added members (who I want to give a shout out to). I believe winning the World will be the least of our accomplishments. 


BASA STAFF:  You were undefeated in the uniform battles in your division in 2005 is that correct?

Canty: That’s correct. My philosophy is if you look good, you feel good, and if you feel good you will perform at a higher level.


BASA STAFF: Who makes your uniforms?

Canty:  Our coach Trick.


BASA STAFF: A vast majority of teams may have a couple pair of pants and a couple of jerseys, what do the players of South Ga. Magic get to start the season?

Canty: We start the first tourney with two uniforms and then expand throughout the season.


BASA STAFF: How long have you been with the Magic?

Canty: 2 years


BASA STAFF: How did you get started in softball?

Canty: I was a Student Athlete at Savannah State college (where Earl “Squirrel" Bryant was our assistant coach). We won the SIAC threes in a row while I was attending. I watched him hit balls after practice. After college I played in the leagues in Savannah. My mom also dragged me to games in the early 80s.


BASA STAFF: You also seem to be pretty active on the political stage, is that correct?

Canty: Yes, I just feel like there were strong people before me who put their lives on the line for my future; I’m trying to put my life on the line for our children’s' future. I have a passion to make changes like my forefathers before me.


BASA STAFF: Was their a defining moment that got you so involved on the political front or did you grow up with it being a part of your civic duty?

Canty: I grew up in the projects and seeing my family being mistreated by the court system, police and probation officers. Just observing suffering amongst blacks throughout the United States. My first week in college, I ran for Vice President and won; the political bug has stuck every since.  


BASA STAFF: Give us your thoughts on BASA as it stands today.

Canty:  This is my first year really paying any attention to the different organization. In Ga, more USSSA is played but analyzing the two; BASA is the best organization hands down. The forum you guys provide for us is awesome. I love to see us come together as a Big Family.


BASA STAFF: As we always ask, if you could make one change in BASA, what would it be? And you can’t say play all the games at one location LOL.

Canty: I think I have posted my thoughts plenty.... I would like a ranking system similar to the BCS and then have a tournament of the top ten teams from each division. A preseason ranking and a ranking after every tournament would shut a lot of mouths. 


BASA STAFF: That just about wraps it up, any shout outs?

Canty: I would like to give a shout out to my two beautiful angels because without them I could not and would not be the person I am today. Also, I would like thank and praise BASA for the terrific job you guys are doing. My South Ga. Magic family, Church, YD#2, NKO, Dinsum, Smallz, Wolf, Zone, Twan, Wade, D12, Sexyslim#1, Flip, Roach, THill, Ms LA, Shneka, Davida, Big Swole, Squirrel, W.Brown, Ray, T. Holland, Spanky, Homecoming, Exodus, Titeman, and all the teams participating in BASA this year. My last and final shouts go out to our fallen Soldiers. Support Our Troops!!!!!1 


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