BSC Player Profile

Deanna Miller


Dee:  Howís it going?  Just excited about being profiled!


BSC STAFF: What have you been up to since the World tournaments?

Dee: Nothing too exciting.  Working, school, and rehab on my rotator cuff.  Can't wait for the season to start. Also, my best friend, her name is Deanna too, is getting married on the 25th and I have been getting prepared for the bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, and all that good stuff.    


Enjoying my new home the Lord has blessed me with.


BSC STAFF: What has happened with the Lady Cobras?

Dee:  As far as the Lady Cobras, about three or four players left the team and it was hard trying to pick up other players because they were already committed to other teams or just didnít want to play.   


BSC STAFF: Was it an enjoyable year for you?

Dee:  It was kind of difficult towards the end, because our team didnít end the season well at the Worlds.  But overall, I really enjoyed it because our team had a lot of fun times.  



BSC STAFF: The Lady Cobras were very competitive in í05, are some of you looking as a group to play somewhere or is everyone going to do their own thing?

Dee: We tried hard to stay together and to find teams that could accept the group we had.  But it didnít work out because some teams are already stacked.  Unfortunately, our group could not stay together.


BSC STAFF: Are you looking to join a local team or any competitive team on the circuit?

Dee:   Fortunately, Iíve found a local team that is competitive on the circuit. 


BSC STAFF: Honestly, which would you prefer, a team where everyone was just the best of buddies and you won some and lost some? Or would you prefer a team where your sole purpose was to win the Worlds and if you got along, fine, but if you didnít so be it?

Dee: I am a competitor and will not travel with a team if the team cannot compete.  Time is money and money is time and the purpose of traveling to tournaments is to come out on top.  My buddies will ALWAYS be my buddies whether or not softball is around.   


BSC STAFF: Are you one of the many 2-sport athletes out of Tennessee, or is softball your specialty.

Dee: I played high school basketball, but yes, softball is my love.  Iíve been playing it for, well, since I was 8 years old.   


 BSC STAFF: Did you play any college ball?

Dee:  Yes I did.  Tennessee State University.  Division I.  I also had the opportunity to play for Ralph Weakly, the hitting coach for the Olympic Softball Team, but I was too shy to be far from home.



 BSC STAFF:  Who have you played with besides Lady Cobras?

Dee:  Lady Titans was the first team I traveled with after college.  I played for them for one year.  I then played for Diamond Queens for one year, a team that did not play BSC at the time.  I think they might play more BSC this year. 


BSC STAFF:  How long have you been playing softball?

Dee:  Going on 18 years.   


BSC STAFF: Share with us your thoughts on BSC on and off the playing field.

Dee:  Like everyone else, I love the atmosphere.  I donít know if this comment will ever get old butÖ.itís like a family reunion every weekend.

Plus, I am addicted to the message board.  Itís the first thing I check whenever I get on my computer at work or home.  I would like to say to the men who think they run the board, that on behalf of the women since it is my time to shine, the WOMEN have been running the board and will continue to.  (smile)  

                                                                                        Much needed R&R


BSC STAFF: Any special friendships made while playing on the BSC circuit? Male or Female?

Dee:  Iíve met a lot of great people while playing on the BSC circuit.  But, no, nothing special has come out of them.     


BSC STAFF: While we are on the subject, what is your relationship status?

Dee:  I am in a committed relationship with a wonderful man who I met while playing softball here in Nashville.  He is very special to me. 

Me and Mr. Wonderful.


BSC STAFF: What are your goals for the upcoming season?

Dee:  Well, I was set back last year due to my rotator surgery.  I am worried that my arm will not be the same as it used to be.  So, I guess my goal will be for me to be more aggressive and faster on defense so that I do not have to rely on my arm so much.    


BSC STAFF: Have you started practicing yet?

Dee:  A little bit here and there whenever the weather allows.  I will definitely hit it hard once the weather becomes consistently warm.   


BSC STAFF: Hereís your chance now, If you could change anything about BSC, what would it be?

Dee:  BSC has made some great accomplishments.  Keep it going and keep on moving because it feels like nothing can stop BSC now. 

Personally, I would like BSC to continue to increase the amount of women teams that play competitively so that playing the same team every weekend isnít the story.  Also, I would like to see that all the teams play at the same complex.    


BSC STAFF: Thatís about it, any shout outs?

Dee: This part is tough because my memory goes crazy sometimes. Lets seeÖ..Ron, Casundra, Lee and Adrienne, Angela aka Miss Nashville, Davida, Cari, Anita, Rhonda, Daphiny, the Twins, Eula, Larrice, Clarence and Teresa, Jemeika, Eggs, LaDaisha aka Nashville's Finest, BSC staff, BSC board members, my family (Mommy, Todd, Frances, Chantell, Cameron, Todd, Trent, Autumn, Ahlynn, Ralph r.i.p.), and last but not least God and my savior Jesus Christ.       

 Me and my wonderful mom.

God Bless everyone.  May God be with all of you throughout your travels, on the field, and off the field.