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A Ton Of Money and Individual  Prizes Thru 3rd Place


 BASA Player Profile

Rodney Russell


BASA STAFF:  What's Up Rodney?

Rodney:  What's up BASA Staff & Family?


BASA STAFF:  What have you been up to since the World's?

Rodney:  Just spending a lot of quality time with the family?



BASA STAFF: Prime Time, How did that name originate? Being from near Atlanta, everyone has their suspicions, but Deion had nothing to with this team did he.

Rodney:  Deion, didn't have anything to do with starting the team, but the name did come from Neon Deion, when he signed with the Falcons and came to the ATL.     


BASA STAFF: On the Menís side of the ball in BASA, you maybe the closest thing to a dynasty in recent years, despite not winning the Worlds this year..

Rodney:  We do our best, and yes this past season was a big disappointment. I still have not gotten over it just a few minor let downs starting with myself.


BASA STAFF: When you talk of great teams, Prime Time is always mentioned, but when you talk of superstars only a few of your guys might get  mentioned. Why do you think that is?

Rodney:  I don't think that we have many flashy ball players, we kinda take the business as usual approach to the game. In other words we try not to have any big I's and little U's.


BASA STAFF: Is that the secret to the teamís success?

Rodney:  We would like to think so but there is still work to be done.

2004 BASA World Champs



 BASA STAFF: It takes nerves to be a pitcher even on the Rec level these days, with the type of hitters you face all over the country at the level you guys play at, how does one get up there week after week with these hot bats that are on the market?

Rodney:  You know I ask myself that week in and week out, a lot of praying (Lord get me through this one) and for the most part it works. I've taken a lot of lumps over the years. Our first time that we went to Tallahassee, I got my nose broken on the very first pitch of the tournament. The hardest middle hitter that I have faced I would have to say Big Swole 9. You don't know how good of a dancer you are until he hits one at your big toe. (Lord thank you for getting me through that one). I try to keep the hitter off balance sometimes it works and a lot of times it don't, if I had to sum it up in one word (CRAZY) I know.



BASA STAFF: I hear all the time itís not the Homeruns at that level that separates the divisions, itís the pitching. Now it is all underhand, so whatís the difference?

Rodney:  Yea pitching does make a big difference you have to do anything to get a good hitter out, and try to stab one up the middle every now & then.


BASA STAFF: The term ĒProtect Our PitcherĒ, give us your thoughts on that.

Rodney:  I'm not one of those pitchers that get mad at every ball that's hit up the middle. I understand that it is part of the game but when I do get hit, I expect for my teamates to come to my rescue and fire back, I like to know that they got my back.



BASA STAFF: You guys and Godfather had some great battles this year, but in the end they walked away with the title. How tough was that?

Rodney:  Man, it was real tough simply put, they won when it counted. Big ups to GFM.


BASA STAFF:  Looking at your roster I noticed an addition or two that was not publicized on the message board. Are the pieces in place to take back the title this year?

Rodney:  We are kind of private, but yes we are going to make it do what it do this year (God Willing).


BASA STAFF: Behind all great teams are great sponsors, tell us what  Rick and Arnitha Borden means to you guys.

Rodney:  What can I say Sponsors, the best in the world second to none. They have such a passion for the game that it's unreal. They love the Lord and are people, people if I may. Some of the things that I'm most proud of is that Rick/Arnitha (Prime Time) is a major sponsor for Relay for Life. Since Rick is a 10 year Cancer survivor healed from this disease. They have a follow up ministry for all players and X players to make sure we keep a certain standard. The 1st year we won the BASA World and 2nd in the USSSA World, all proceeds went to "911". You see it's not only about softball it is about reaching the masses. I Love them dearly.

Rick and  Arnitha Borden


BASA STAFF: Graystone and Team BBQ as you know have made the move to the competitive division, who on paper seems structured similarly to you guys, do you look forward to the competition?

Rodney:  We look forward to facing both of them. Anything to get us ready for September. September is what it is all about!



BASA STAFF: Where is the first place on the BASA circuit can one find Prime Time in í06?

Rodney:  Why, The Kick Off Classic in Aiken SC.


BASA STAFF: Give us your thoughts on BASA as it stands today.

Rodney: Setting a new standard for softball.


BASA STAFF: As we always ask, if you could make one change in BASA, what would it be?

Rodney:  I would like to see all the teams play in the same general area.

BASA STAFF: Well, you will get your wish in Aiken.


BASA STAFF: That just about wraps it up, any shout outs?

Rodney: Of Course, My Lord and Savior, Dionne (my wife), Rodney Jr., My Boy E, The PT Family, Davida #7, Mrs. Echols (Niece), Supersonic 21, Nashville's finest, Jamika 30, Nut 99 and the Storm Family, T Brown, D Miller, Hot Girls, HC, EX, Church and the rest of the BASA Family Thank You.



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