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THIS WEEK ALL ROADS LEAD TO NASHVILLE!Congratulations to Class Act on Winning the BASA Early Bird Tournament and to Ela Rosier for being named Tournament MVP with at 23-24 hitting performance.


Player Profile

Kevin "NKOZONE" Oliver


BASA STAFF: What's Up Kevin?

Kevin: Just finished playing in the Early Bird Shootout where we took 4th.


BASA STAFF: NKOZONE, What does that mean?

Kevin: N=In, KO=Kevin Oliver, Zone= you're in my zone


BASA STAFF: We hear on the board about a lot battles in the Lou, but not a lot STL teams have traveled in the past. The Young Dudes have hit the road this year and of Course Class Act is everywhere, can you speak on the Hitters and anyone else from the Lou's travel plans for the year.

Kevin:  We have been to Memphis, we are heading to Pine Bluff, Cincinnati, Atlanta and possibly Detroit as well. There are so many teams in the LOU, we could have our own tournament every weekend, but we know we have to travel to prepare for Worlds. But the Lou will be well represented on the circuit this year. Look out for Derrty in Nashville this weekend as well.


BASA STAFF: There is a lot of talk about a World Title not being in the Lou for awhile now, do you think the talent is too spread out there?

Kevin: Yes, the talent is definitely spread out. Egos and personal reasons have definitely spread out the talent. We have had championship caliber teams, but the benches have not been as deep as need to be to win a World Championship.


BASA STAFF: You have come close a couple of times to a BASA World Championship, did you think it would be this long before you finally won one.

Kevin: Not all, when I was with Magnum, that team had all of the pieces and talent but in the end not the dedication.


BASA STAFF: After having played a couple tournaments already, does the City Hitters have all the pieces yet, or is it still a work in progress.

Kevin: We have guys that have won World championships and know what it takes to win it all. We are a veteran squad. Some of us have played BASA since it's inception, but it still takes time and dedication. So we will see.


BASA STAFF: Who do you think stands in the way of you guys going all the way this year?

Kevin: Having not seeing some of the southern teams, it is hard to say. Eastside Players is always tough, don't let the Memphis tourney fool ya'll BASA. Young Dudes are tough this year. This was their first tournament without Church pitching, so they had to make some adjustments this weekend, but keep an eye out on them. Our guys talk a lot of smack, so we have to bring it every weekend.


BASA STAFF: Are most of the players on City Hitters your childhood friends?

Kevin: Not really, the majority are softball friends. We found mutual respect for each other playing against each other, and we decided to come together as one. 3x World Champ started it all.


BASA STAFF: What are some of your other hobbies besides playing softball.

Kevin: Spending time with family.Basketball. I love to read a lot. Going biking.


BASA STAFF: What do you do professionally?

Kevin:  I am a Union representative and an organizer. I am one of the few people that have both titles. My focus is trying to better the lives of  working families. 


BASA STAFF:  How did you get into softball?

Kevin: One of my best friends in high school, Robert Watkins AKA Junior, invited me to play ball with Magnum here in St. Louis. But I was playing in the military some as well, where I was All-Army basketball player.


BASA STAFF: What are some others teams that you have played for?

Kevin: Only 3, Magnum 93-2004, Impact and now City Hitters. And a few of us have played on all 3 teams. I take pride in team loyalty and will stick with my guys through thick and thin.


BASA STAFF: The BASA website, you are a frequent visitor, give us your thoughts on it.

Kevin: The website is a great avenue for us to meet each other and some of us have developed some great friendships outside of softball. Like for example, Terminator and a teammate of his was playing in the Lou this weekend and I went and got them out of the hotel. The friendships that I have seen made via the website will be things we talk about years from now. What this is doing is creating family and with family comes tremendous growth. The website is a big part of the growth of BASA. 


BASA STAFF: Give us your thoughts on BASA as it stands today.

Kevin:  I have grown with BASA from day one. I remember when Worlds had just 35 teams. They used to go after teams and now they are going after cities and states. But the key is how they are going after not just the players, but their families and friends and that's what separates BASA from other associations. They are making our weekends so much more than just softball, weekends are turning into events.


BASA STAFF: That just about wraps it up, any shoutouts?

Kevin: Man you're trying to get me killed. I have made too many friends to get them all, but let's do this. Of course my family is first always. Then, we'll start with Church, Ms. Dat( A true BASA ambassador), Wade, Homecoming, City Hitter teammates, The Lou BASA softball players,   Mac-Town Sister's #8 & #11, Carmen, Hercle, Nell, YD#2, #15, Davida and the Lizard catcher(Sister), Ms. Nashville and the rest of the Hot Girls, Ms. Arkansas, Ms. LA, KeithAg, Miss AG(Arkansas), Zone3, LoTay, Greene#44, Lil "G", THill#21, Wolf#24, Mike Wells, Ghost, 911, Dinsum#11 and the Dirty Dancers, Gator of ATL Storm, PT#30, Ms. Miller, Jump Steady, JB#69, Junior(Magnum for Life), Neil and the Eastside Players. And Ian Houston, good seeing you this weekend. I know I left some out, but charge it to the game, and not my heart.