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Tony "The Terminator" Williams

BASA STAFF:  What's Up Tony?

Tony: What's up BASA?

BASA STAFF:  Indianapolis has a history of hosting successful black events, especially the black college football classics; and the Showdown In Naptown is one of the biggest tournaments on the circuit. Is the city as progressive as it seems?

Tony: Yes it is, we also host the largest Black Expo in the world by far.

BASA STAFF: You said you were going to set it out for BASA in Indy, but I see Uncle Sam had other ideas.

Tony:  The tournament couldn't get here fast enough. I am going to have to offer everyone a rain check, because when Uncle Sam calls, you gotta haul! But the show will go on, believe that!

BASA STAFF: Don’t they understand how big the Showdown in Naptown is; couldn’t they wait for 2 more weeks?

Tony: Well I could have stayed and played. But winning the Showdown in Naptown is worth a few hundred bucks, but going AWOL costs you pension and benefits. 

BASA STAFF: How long is your deployment?

Tony: It is supposed to be 18 month, but it seems like a life sentence on death row.


BASA STAFF: Is this your first deployment?

Tony: No this is my second one. But this time I will be in Baghdad, AKA the Green Zone, where it goes down errrry day as my homies from the Lou would say.

BASA STAFF: Is the area that you will be in is such that you can stay on top of your softball game?

Tony: Well I took two of my bats with me to practice on the RPG’s.


BASA STAFF: What are RPG’s?

Tony: Rocket Propelled Grenades. LOL

BASA STAFF: NKOZone is one of many friends that you have made on the BASA circuit, but I am sure the entire BASA family would like to keep in touch with you over there, what is the best method.

Tony: Definitely by email. Here is my address: (tony.g.williams@us.army.mil)

BASA STAFF: You can hit us up all at once via the message board as well.

Tony: For sure, I will do that.

BASA STAFF: The Indy Force will definitely miss your presence as well, how are you guys looking so far this year?

Tony: We have been mostly inconsistent this year. We have the talent, just not the right chemistry at the moment. (Hint to teammates. It is time to turn it on!)

BASA STAFF: How long have you guys been together?

Tony: The Force has been together for about eight years and I have been with them three.


BASA STAFF: Indy Force is hosting the Official Showdown In Naptown Party this weekend, go ahead and pub it for the guys.

Tony: Well here is the flyer.

BASA STAFF: I see DJ Blaze is DJ’ing the party for you guys, but that is usually your role, what are some of your other hobbies?

Tony: Honestly; softball, softball and softball.

BASA STAFF: How long have you been playing on the BASA circuit?

Tony: I started with Moore’s All-Stars about 12 years ago and have been hooked ever since.

BASA STAFF: Give us your thoughts on BASA as it stands today.

Tony: The best thing BASA ever did was come up with the Super Draft. The friends you meet and make are priceless. When you think about it, we are just one big family anyhow. But playing with everyone at the beginning of the season I think has helped with some of the animosity that has gone on in the past. It sure changed my perspective on a lot players on the circuit. Everyone, and I mean everyone should play in it.

BASA STAFF: As we always ask, if you could make one change in BASA, what would it be?

Tony: Nothing right now, just keep growing the association and don’t forget about the players. But we as players must be willing to help BASA grow as well and support the cause. Regardless of some of the shortcomings, there is no other circuit like it.

BASA STAFF: That just about wraps it up, but before you give your shout outs, I want you to know that the entire BASA family will be praying for your safe return to the states.

Tony: I want to thank all of my BASA family for their support and prayers.

BASA STAFF:  OK, now you can give your shout outs.

Tony: First and foremost, my savior Jesus Christ.  I want to give shouts out to my family for supporting my softball addiction. To my Indy Force teammates and the rest of my Nappy family. To my homies in the Lou(NKOZone, Church , YD#2, and the maestro himself, Ghost). Big Dogg#25 of the NCB. To the Hot Girls, Keep it Hot! To Davida and Ms. Arkansas. To my Dirty South homies, Derrty Redde, Hot Rod, Tony Campbell, Carlos, and 911.


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