Updated 10-2-2005

Congratulations to all of our 2005 BASA  World Champions!!!   Godfather Management/Worth (Men's Competitive), Team BBQ (Men's SuperRec), Team Dynasty (Men's Rec), Ga. Mixx (Women's Competitive), Ladies of Louisville (Women's Rec), Randy Smith (Seniors),  Ultimate Force (Co-ed Competitive Division) ,Georgia Express (Co-ed Rec Division).


Player Profile

Al "Tito" Scott



Tito: What’s Crackin?


BASA STAFF: So what have you been doing since the World Tournaments? 

Tito: I’ve been taking care of personal business and having some CHURCH time”aayy” and mainly living with BENEFITS”heyyyy”


BASA STAFF:  “CHURCH” what is the true meaning behind it and how long have you been shouting it? 

Tito: “CHURCH” is what you say when you’re speaking the TRUTH, and also, you’re doing big things, you feeling GOOD, you looking GOOD…”whoa, whoa, whoa”, almost took you 2 CHURCH, I’ve been using it for about a year 1\2 now…”CHURCH”


 BASA STAFF: How did you get started playing softball? 

Tito: I actually started playing…are you ready…on a corner block!!! (What!)…. HARPER and GARRISON, the COOP, GOON, YOGI, MITCH…much LOVE…”CHURCH”


BASA STAFF: And how long have you been playing? 

Tito: I’ll say around 11 years now


BASA STAFF: What teams have you played with? 



BASASTAFF:  The Matrix, are you the originator on the circuit? If not then whom? And if so, how did you incorporate it into your game. 

Tito: But of course, I did it 2years ago in the JUNGLE aka FAIRGROUNDS. MONDAY NIGHT…”Ooowee”….”CITY HITTERS”, I come up with all my tricks on MONDAY NIGHTS…. you must perform or THE PEOPLE behind the home plate fence WILL CLOWN YOU…so I come up with things 2 do 2 keep the game amusing….”CHURCH”


 BASA STAFF: Will you be returning to the same team you played with in 2005? 

Tito:” CHURCH”


BASA STAFF: What was your most memorable moment from 2005? 

Tito: When I got the imprint of a 44 core …hit the -------out of me (lol), if you were there. You know what I’m talking about…”WHEW”…it hit the rubber on the mound…”DANG”…it HURT!! Can’t get ‘me all but I WILL TRY…”CHURCH”


BASA STAFF: What was your favorite tournament? 

Tito: I’ve got 2 say INDY!!! No certain division, everyone played EVERYONE!!!”REAL TALK” and I was MVP”CHURCH” ;) CLAP..CLAP.CLAP…it’s a WRAP!!


BASA STAFF: If there is such a thing, you have become sort of an online celebrity. And you are only one of the few that leave your contact info, without naming names, any interesting offline contacts? 

Tito: YES…. I have…. but if I tell, they will shut the board down!!”Aayyy”


 BASA STAFF: The LOU is the birthplace of BASA and from the online chatter; softball is taken very seriously in the LOU, why do you suppose that is? 

Tito: Real Talk. We’re just competitive and we've been playing against each other since PARACHUTE PANTS and BEAT IT JACKETS…lol


 BASA STAFF: Speaking of the online chatter, how much of the discussion is serious and how much is just having fun when the LOU players banter back and forth online. I know we have had to delete entire discussions before? 

Tito: I can truly say about half and half…. but it’s dealt with off-line” CHURCH”



BASA STAFF: Who's your favorite player outside of teammates on the BASA Circuit? 

Tito: DON KING!! And that’s all I will say on this one…hmmmmmm


BASA STAFF: Approximately how many BASA tournaments do you play in a year? 

Tito: I guess maybe 9 or more…. but don’t quote me on the number, it may be more…”DANG”


BASA STAFF: What do you like most about playing on the BASA circuit? 

Tito: There’s nothing else LIKE IT!! The FANS of course, are the GREATEST and also great networking…”CHURCH”


BASA STAFF: What improvements would you like to see made within BASA? 

Tito: Well, since you asked…..I feel we could move WEST for once….CALI…ARI….We coming soon…and  Get more Good umpires 2 go with the few good ones you have now…..”CHURCH”…


BASA STAFF:  What are your goals for the 2006 season.  

Tito:  2 stay consistent and healthy and 2 KEEP ENTERTAINING and WINNING..But foremost BE IN GAME FORM BY SEASON START..”CHURCH”


BASA STAFF: Tell us something about you that most people do not know. 

Tito: I’m RICK JAMES….**T**!!….lol…. They’ll have 2 find out on their own…I’m easy 2 get along with…”CHURCH”


BASA STAFF: That is about it. We thank you for your time, any shoutouts! 

Tito:  Aaayyyyyy!! I like 2 thank the FANS, BASA, and PLAYERS all around near and far…. KEEP IT REAL TALK and “CHURCH”     #2CHURCH aka TITO…PEACE,,,
These are more than words, this more than crap, I am the STREETS, this the TRAP! Standing Ovation, CLAP, CLAP, CLAP,