Shneka  Whaley




 Shneka: HI


BSC STAFF: Is it Miss or Mrs. Whaley?

Shneka: It's Miss., but please call me Shneka.


BSC STAFF: Before we get into softball, there has been a lot of talk about your B-Ball skills on the message board and you know us here at BSC do our research. Our research turned up that you were number 6 in the country in 3 point shooting in Division 1. Care to elaborate.

Shneka: Well I did a little something something. That was my specialty the 3 point shot.


BSC STAFF: Yeah, but you also had several games where you had several rebounds as well and you obviously were a guard.

Shneka: You know what they say, It isn't the size of the dog in the fight.........



BSC STAFF: So what have you been doing since the World Tournaments?

Shneka: Still traveling up and down the road to Tennessee spending time with my family.


 BSC STAFF: How did you get started playing softball?

 Shneka: I started playing softball when I was 6 with Northeast Recreation Center 10 and under, coached by my uncle and aunts.  Then later moved up to 18 and under and started playing on the black circuit with my 18 and under team, then began playing with Chattanooga Lady Stars full time on the black circuit.


BSC STAFF: And how long have you been playing? 

Shneka: Since I was 6.


 BSC STAFF: What teams have you played with?   

Shneka: Chattanooga Lady Stars, LIA, Raging Storm, Just Us, (I canít think of the team I played with out of Albany), Northeast Recreation, and (Sappís team)


BSC STAFF: Will you be returning to the same team you played with in


Shneka: No I will not be returning, I have other plans.


 BSC STAFF: What was your most memorable moment from 2005?

Shneka: Going to a World Tournament and playing in the Championship with my Hot Girls.


BSC STAFF: What was your favorite tournament? 

Shneka: The BSC World.


BSC STAFF: Who's your favorite player outside of teammates on the BSC Circuit?

Shneka: Well I have a couple, overall I would say Big Sexy (KT) from the Mix, can play anywhere and no matter how you play her she will get on.

Pitching I will say Jennifer from Supersonic, she is a very disciplined pitcher and knows what to do to every batter, she always throws me off, but I will be ready next year.

And defensive, I would say the outfielder from LIA that wears #11, Oh thatís me.  LOL!!!!


 BSC STAFF: Approximately how many BSC tournaments do you play in a year?

Shneka: I donít know for sure, but maybe about 6


BSC STAFF: What do you like most about playing on the BSC circuit?

Shneka: The people and the atmosphere.  Everyone has a great time and you meet good people.


 BSC STAFF: What improvements would you like to see made within BSC?

Shneka: I would like for them to put more into having the tournaments in places where everyone will be able to stay at one complex. Like me I have relatives that play and when my family comes to the tournaments they have to go from park to park trying to locate 5 different teams, whereas if it were at the same complex they wouldnít have that many problems.  It just makes it better having everyone together.  After all BSC is one big family and families do what: STICK TOGETHER.


 BSC STAFF:  What are your goals for the 2006 season.

Shneka: Stepping my game up to a higher level.


BSC STAFF: Tell us something about you that most people do not know.

Shneka: I donít know, Iím a very simple person.  I like to spoil my son DíRhann, watch lifetime, and read books.  I donít club, and I can drink one wine cooler and be tipsy.


BSC STAFF: That is about it. We thank you for your time, any shout outs!

Shneka: To all my Hot Girls in Tennessee and my girl Sharon, thanks for showing me so much love since Iíve moved to Georgia.