Updated 10-23-2005

Congratulations to all of our 2005 BASA  World Champions!!!   Godfather Management/Worth (Men's Competitive), Team BBQ (Men's SuperRec), Team Dynasty (Men's Rec), Ga. Mixx (Women's Competitive), Ladies of Louisville (Women's Rec), Randy Smith (Seniors),  Ultimate Force (Co-ed Competitive Division) ,Georgia Express (Co-ed Rec Division).



Player Profile

Curtiss "Wolf" Wilson


BASA STAFF: What’s Up Wolf

Wolf: What's Up.

BASA STAFF: You know they have been waiting on you?

Wolf: That's what I have been told.

BASA STAFF: Why is there so much interest in Wolf?

Wolf: I think because I walk alone and have my own ideas on how the game should be played.


 BASA STAFF:  Speaking of, Do you realize that there was a post titled ”Wolf ‘06” and that it is  the most read post ever on the message board besides the Fraternity post? Over 1150 views at last count.

Wolf: Is that right? Man that's crazy.

BASA STAFF: Lot of females want to know if Wolf is single or has a significant other?

Wolf: I am very comfortable with my significant other.

 BASA STAFF: From the outside looking in, many are wondering why anyone would leave Derrty to build a team. There are a whole lot of folks that would love the opportunity to play with Derrty.

Wolf: Like I said before, I have my own theory on how the game should be played. Derrty is a great team and situation, but I have a different view on fielding a winning softball team. Friendships are cool and everything, but friendships do not win rings. No disrespect to them, but I think to win a title, you can't let friendships dictate your roster. When I talked to the powers that be, they knew it would probably be a temporary situation. People that know me, know that I have always had my own team and I even tried to recruit Nelly to play with Class Act before he became a Superstar.


BASA STAFF: As of late last week, there were rumors saying that a deal had been reached for your return to Derrty, care to elaborate.

Wolf: I talked to one of the powers that be on the team and said I would come back, but there would have to be a major overhaul of the team. I know that won't happen because of the loyalty factor. DERRTY ENT, We All We Got!

BASA STAFF: We all know that you could play on the Competitive level, is there a reason that you don’t.

Wolf: I played competitively with Supremes in '97, and that is how Swole, Billy Hudson, Roosevelt and I all know each other. I was the baby of the bunch and those guys taught me a lot. If the situation was right, I would probably do it again.

 BASA STAFF: Without naming names, what is the most money you have been paid to play softball..

Wolf: For a weekend $600.00 and for a year $15,000.00.

 BASA STAFF: Speaking of being paid, are you aware of what you, Willie Brown of Godfather and Rusty Baumgardner of Dan Smith have in common?

 Wolf:  Can’t say that I do.

BASA STAFF: You all played professional baseball for the Florida Marlins.

Wolf: I didn’t know that.

BASA STAFF: Folks are going to learn that BASA is the new Sports Encyclopedia.

 Wolf: True, True.

BASA STAFF: How long have you been playing softball?

Wolf: I started about 10 years ago, but I have really played about 7 years.

BASA STAFF: How did you get started?

 Wolf: I was released from the Marlins in 95 and was just hanging around one day with a lady friend at Forestwood park. I was telling her what a "girly" sport it was as we watched some guys practicing. One of the players said that I looked like I could play and became very persistent that I come take some swings. So thanks to BASA Board member Tim Shaw, ever since then it has been on.

BASA STAFF: What was your most memorable moment from 2005?

Wolf: My first BASA tournament in 2 1/2 years was this year in Memphis and I was playing with Extreme. My first at bat I was nervous, because I knew everyone one was watching. A pitch later a monster 3 HR shot and everyone was screaming heeeeeee's back, that was a very good feeling.

BASA STAFF: What was your favorite tournament? 

Wolf: Naptown, because I showed I could still play outfield and I pitched my tail off all weekend. And it was Nelly's first major tournament win. The whole weekend was cool. They were selling Me, Nelly and Murphy Lee's picture all weekend and I am still looking for my cut. I know those guys might not need it, but I could use it.(Laughing)


BASA STAFF: What teams have you played with?   

Wolf: Too many to name.

BASA STAFF: Who's your favorite player outside of teammates on the BASA Circuit?

Wolf:  Troy Summerfield, who taught me how to pitch and perfect the 5 man. He is the best pitcher in the Lou and I would actually pay to see him play. And the late great Dirk "The Blaster" Androff who taught me how to hit. I once made a video on hitting with him. May he rest in peace. A lot of veteran ball players know who he is.


BASA STAFF: Tito/Church is there or has there been a rivalry between you two.

Wolf: (Laughing) Tito and I have always been competitive towards each other, even when playing playstation, because we both hate to lose. It's like the Game and Tupac with one mic on the stage.


BASA STAFF: Speaking of Tito, the two of you have entertained many with the Matrix, but a whole lot of BASA has not seen the two of you on the mound at the same time. What exactly takes place when you two pull this one off.

Wolf: You have to really see it to believe it, but when Tito is pitching and we have 2 strikes on the batter, I will come to the mound with him. Then just imagine two people doing Globetrotter like stuff and straight clowning. What you see is two different versions of the Matrix, though he calls mine the Bionic Man (Laughing) and the batter usually strikes out or pops up.


BASA STAFF: Who is The Game and who is Tupac?

Wolf: I'll let Tito answer on Church on Tuesday.


BASA STAFF: Approximately how many BASA tournaments do you play in a year?

Wolf: About 12


BASA STAFF: What do you like most about playing on the BASA circuit?

Wolf: Competition is off the chain. And BASA is the #### compared to the other circuits. It's fairground every weekend for those of you who know about the fairground.


BASA STAFF: What improvements would you like to see made within BASA?

Wolf: I played Competitive and Rec when there were only 2 divisions. And then Super Rec was made to help out the lower level Rec teams. I think something should be done to help the Competitive teams build up there program. If they lower the competitive to 8HR's then I think some of the Super Rec Teams might move up.

 BASA STAFF:  What are your goals for the 2006 season?

Wolf: Staying healthy and repping hard for the STL. And to return Class Act to Elite status.

BASA STAFF:  So what tournaments can one catch Class Act in action during the 2006 season?

Wolf: Well you guys have not released the schedule for 2006, but some BASA tournaments you will definitely see Class Act are in Indianapolis, Memphis, Atlanta, Tallahassee, and of course the Lou.

BASA STAFF: Tell us something about you that most people do not know.

Wolf: That I am a gang and drug counselor, fitness trainer and I like to watch the History Channel.

 BASA STAFF: That is about it. We thank you for your time, any shout outs!

Wolf: To God first and foremost. Luke 18:27 I believe in him wholeheartedly. To my Class Act and Derrty Squad families. Big shouts to my lil brother Essay, my teammates Omar and Terrell. You 3 keep your head up and to all of my haters, thanks for keeping my name in your head, and in your mouth. All the positive people, thanks for staying in my corner.


 Next week, Big Swole!