Updated 10-30-2005

Congratulations to all of our 2005 BASA  World Champions!!!   Godfather Management/Worth (Men's Competitive), Team BBQ (Men's SuperRec), Team Dynasty (Men's Rec), Ga. Mixx (Women's Competitive), Ladies of Louisville (Women's Rec), Randy Smith (Seniors),  Ultimate Force (Co-ed Competitive Division) ,Georgia Express (Co-ed Rec Division).



Player Profile


Reggie " Big Swole" Patterson



BASA STAFF: Whatís Up Swole.

Big Swole:  What's up?


BASA STAFF: Congratulations on your World Championship with Godfather Management\Worth.

Big Swole: Thank you very much. 


BASA STAFF:  Speaking of, how many world titles do have now?

Big Swole:   Including the Law Enforcement worlds, I have 12 world championships.


 BASA STAFF: You still have a ways to go then to catch your significant other Flo and her core group of Enough Said players.

Big Swole:  You are right; Enough Said is a unique group of women that were designed to do what they do. (Win championships)        


BASA STAFF:  Is there a friendly rivalry between the two of you.

Big Swole:  We support each other and push one another to play mistake free if possible. She is really tough on me when I make outs. We donít play making outs. I enjoy having her around because she never lets me make excuses for not playing well.


 BASA STAFF: Speaking of rivalries is there any animosity between you and Squirrel.

Big Swole:  No. We are friends and will always be friends. We both work very hard at what we do on the field. We practice together when our schedules allow. Squirrel is a great softball player and truly a key part of his teamís success. I also spend a lot of time perfecting my game. I go out every weekend to win, so I make my mistakes during the week in practice.  



BASA STAFF: Did you get a chance to read Wolfís interview last week?

Big Swole:  Yes, I enjoyed the interview


BASA STAFF: He said you were one of the guys that he played with early on. How has his game changed since his early days?

Big Swole:  Donít let him fool you, he could always hit and play the outfield. Wolf has since become one of the premier pitchers on any level. When you combine that with his bat, you are looking at one of the premier players in the game today. I would love to see him come up and play next year. We are looking for a pitcher.


 BASA STAFF: How long have you been playing softball?

Big Swole:  Since 1986 


BASA STAFF: How did you get started?

Big Swole:  As a young kid I found myself standing at the fence watching guys play softball and wanting to be on the field. Once I got the chance to play, then I wanted to be the best to play the game.


BASA STAFF: You are one of the premier long ball hitters in the game today. Besides your obvious strength, what goes into getting that kind of consistency at the plate?

Big Swole: I remember watching Michael Jordanís video (Come Fly With Me). In that video Michael said that when he has the ball in his hand, he is in control and he feels that no one can stop him. I feel the same way when Iím in the batters box. I feel that the pitcher and the defense canít stop me. I am the only person that gets me out. Therefore I practice everyday attempting to get better, I lift weights to get stronger and I run with the players I train to get faster. This combination helps me improve every year.


BASA STAFF: Speaking of your size and strength, many would mistaken you for  a pro football player rather than a pro softball player, but you do have a connection to the NFL, tell us more about that.

 Big Swole:  I played strong safety for Bowling Green State University and now I train college football players preparing them for NFL.


BASA STAFF: Whatís the most money that you have made playing softball for one weekend or for an entire season without revealing names?

Big Swole:  We will just say that softball is the best part time job in the world. (Smile)


BASA STAFF: You are seasoned veteran that has won it all, do you still have the same fire for the game.

 Big Swole:  I love the game and the people surrounding the game. This keeps that fire burning inside of me.  



BASA STAFF: What was your most memorable moment from 2005?

Big Swole: After 19ís death, seeing the turn out at his tournament and knowing that he meant so much to the game. I know that this will be the best tournament in the next few years.


BASA STAFF: What was your favorite tournament? 

Big Swole:  The BASA Worlds are always the best. Canít Hit, Canít Win, Amen


BASA STAFF: What teams have you played with?   

Big Swole:  Hudsonís from Al, J&W construction, TPS lawmen, Herrin TPS, Supreme/worth, Primetime, Sea breeze, Colbert Plumbing and Godfather Management/Worth. Iím sure there is more, just canít remember.



BASA STAFF: Who's your favorite player outside of teammates on the BASA Circuit?

Big Swole:   Flo is my best friend and my favorite player. I guess itís the power of wearing #9. I know that she plays with the same fire that I play with. Robert 19 Jackson is also one of my favorite players; he gave so much to the game and died doing what he loved the most. (Playing softball)



BASA STAFF: Approximately how many BASA tournaments do you play in a year?

Big Swole:  Maybe 5 or 6


BASA STAFF: What do you like most about playing on the BASA circuit?

Big Swole:  The competition, trash talking and meeting new people. I had a great time hanging out with the Eastside players at the BASA Worlds. A great bunch of guys and a great ball team.


BASA STAFF: What improvements would you like to see made within BASA?

Big Swole:  Move some teams up and so we can have more tournaments for the Competitive division.


 BASA STAFF:  What are your goals for the 2006 season?

Big Swole:  To get bigger, faster and stronger for next season. My defense will improve and win all the worlds.


BASA STAFF: Tell us something about you that most people do not know.

Big Swole:  I enjoy singing to Flo and watching her eyes water up. When I do my big Luther (A House Is Not A Home), she gets weak at the knees. On a serious note I do love to sing gospel music.


 BASA STAFF: That is about it. We thank you for your time, any shout outs!

Big Swole:  I would like to shout out to my boy Wolf and all of my softball friends. To my baby, Flo, Godfather Management/Worth and to my boys Robert 19 Jackson and Kenny Key, may they both rest in peace. And a special shout out to my rangers Cathy and Mary. Also to Spanky and Lil T out of Jacksonville. And last but certainly not least,my brothers team, the School of Hard Knocks