Carmen Epps



BSC STAFF: Hi Carmen

Carmen: Hello.


BSC STAFF: So what have you been up to since the World Tournaments?

Carmen: I’ve been busy working on administrative “behind the scenes” stuff to wrap up the 2005 season and now we are in the planning stages of the 2006 season.


BSC STAFF:  I wanted to interview you, because a lot of players and teams want to know about BSC 2006.

Carmen: We are very excited about the 2006 season.  The organization has plans for new and exciting events; like to Draft Tournament being held in March.  I encourage everyone to stay tuned as we continue to enhance the Black American Softball experience.


 BSC STAFF: You are Assistant Director of Operations for BSC. What exactly does that entail?

Carmen:   I work closely with Arthur Drake and Hercle Ivy to oversee the BSC organization which entails many things but mostly the administration of various tournaments throughout the year, corporate sponsorships, World tournament planning as well as BSC strategic planning.  In conjunction with my other duties, I also serve as a liaison between the coaches & players and the BSC organization.  Most importantly, I am there to do anything that needs to get done and therefore a lot of people contact me with questions or simply to express their comments. 


BSC STAFF:  What does everyone have to look forward to in 2006.

Carmen:  Bigger and Better Tournaments.  We have been working in the off season and been listening to the comments of coaches and players to help plan better tournaments as well as offering new tournaments to the circuit.


 BSC STAFF:  When will the location for Worlds be announced?

Carmen:  We are planning to make the announcement during January 2006.  We have had recent interest from various cities such as Indianapolis, Cincinnati and Dayton.  We appreciate your patience during the Site Selection process.  Stay tuned!


BSC STAFF: Virtually every softball association wanted you to come and work with them, why did you choose BSC?

Carmen:  The BSC vision.  I strongly believe in what we are trying to accomplish.  We are continuously working to build legitimacy to our organization.  We are the premier circuit for Black American Softball.  It will be essential that as we grow that we don’t lose sight of the reason why we were formed in the first place.  To provide a forum for Blacks to participate without enduring the prejudice that exists on the other circuits.  We tend to accept some actions that are just tolerated because it’s “us being us”.  It’s sometimes hard to build legitimacy and offer tolerance at the same time.  We are working to maintain that balance.


BSC STAFF: When you look at BSC today and where it has come from, what thoughts come to mind?

Carmen:   Remarkable.  BSC has come along way from its humble beginnings.  We also want to thank all the long standing tournaments as well as the newly established ones that have come to be the trademark of BSC.


 BSC STAFF: The future of BSC, not just 2006, which you will be a very big part, what do you envision?

Carmen:  I see BSC continuing its expansion goals.  We are always looking to move into new territories where BSC is not well known.  We are expecting a very good turnout for our kick-off tournament in North/South Carolina. There are a lot good Black American teams there and we need a presence there. I will be traveling to California in January to a tournament to help form alliances which may lead to future BSC tournaments in California and the Western Region.


BSC STAFF: How do you think we can build up the competitive division and are there any changes in the works?

Carmen: I think that as teams continue to improve and we institute a “move up” policies, we will begin to get more competitive teams.  Also, as BSC notoriety grows, teams will be able to obtain more corporate sponsorship which is essential at any level but especially at the competitive level.


BSC STAFF: Will there be any move ups or downs in the other divisions?

Carmen:  I suspect there will be some voluntary moves by the teams now that they have had an entire season to play under the new divisions.  We are looking at instituting mandatory move ups of teams that have won the Worlds twice in a row as well as moving a certain percentage of the top ranking teams.  This is just in the planning stage, we will keep everyone posted.


 BSC STAFF: Between playing and directing you travel to about as many tournaments as anyone. Does it ever get old?

Carmen: No it doesn’t.  Every tournament is different.  Although
I may see many of the same teams, each weekend is a new adventure.  That’s what keeps us all coming back!


BSC STAFF: So are your playing days over?

 Carmen:  Officially Yes.  But I was convinced to dust off my cleats to play during the current Fall season.  It’s been fun.


BSC STAFF: You were also one of the most eligible bachelorettes in BSC, is that still the case?

Carmen:  Inquiring minds wanna know? I like to keep my personal business separate from the softball arena.  However, I do have a “special man” in my life, but no wedding bells yet.


BSC STAFF: Any shoutouts?

Carmen: I would like to wish all the BSC staff, players and families a blessed holiday season.  Enjoy and get ready to play ball.