Seth LaPointe Gabriel AKA "The BUS"


BSC Reporter: First off, we have to know, where did the name The Bus come from? Was that already a nick name of yours or something you made up for your screen name?

The Bus: It came from Nati3NLSports..I was teasing some teammates about having football numbers on the back of their Jerseys.  My number was 36 and as everyone knows, thats Jerome Bettis' number and NO I AM NOT A STEELERS FAN!!!! Cowboys baby, all day! So then they all started calling me THE BUS and it just stuck with me from there.


BSC Reporter: Where is The Bus originally from?

The Bus: I am from Port Arthur, Texas and now living in Cincinnati.


BSC Reporter: Where did The Bus attend college?

The Bus: Knoxville College, Philander Smith College, and Southern Methodist University(SMU).


BSC Reporter: How long you been playing softball and what teams have you been affiliated with?

The Bus: Actually Ive been playing baseball since high school. I stated playing softball after college and I've been on the circuit now since 1996. I've played with Cincinnati Seminoles, 2004 World Champions Cincinnati As, No Limit and Taylor Made.


BSC Reporter: Other than baseball, have you played any other sports?

The Bus: Yes, I played football in high school and college. I was a strong safety.


BSC Reporter: So will you be returning to the team you played with last season?

The Bus: Posey's Posse


BSC Reporter: Now that you are with Posey's Posse, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the teams disappearance off the circuit last year. 

The Bus: Our team didnt disappear. We didnt play as many tournaments on the circuit. When you have a sponsored team, you cant waste sponsor dollars playing in tournaments with only 4-5 other competitive teams. So we chose to play in other cities.


BSC Reporter: What can we look forward to from you all this year?

The Bus: A fourth World Championship


BSC Reporter: So, highest paid catcher on the circuit, what have you been doing to prepare for this season?

The Bus: I've Started to hit the cage a little.  Starting to get focused. The weather is a factor for getting out and doing more, but when it's time to hit the dirt, my mind will be straight.

BSC Reporter: What is your favorite tourney to play in?

The Bus: Cashville Shoot Out and Show Down In Napetown.


BSC Reporter: Tell us something about you that most people dont know.

The Bus: That The Bus was born and raised a PK (Preacher Kid). My mother is a Baptist preacher. The good Reverend Dr. Sally A. LaPointe.

BSC Reporter: What do you like most about the Black Softball Circuit?

The Bus: The love for the game, the people and the trash talking make it all worth while.


BSC Reporter: What changes or improvements would you like to see?

The Bus: I would like to see the circuit go back to 2 divisions. When it was 2 divisions you didnt automatically get bumped up for winning a world. You had a chance to come back that next year and defend the title. Right now there is no reward for success.


BSC Reporter: Any Shout outs?

Ladies first,  Redd14, Missy14, Babymama, PlaysoftballUSA (PSU), Bernie, The Ladies of Strikezone, Davida, Drea, My home girl Ms. Jackson, ST3, Swats 11 & 15, MzLegz, Steph25, NB21, MsDat, Vonfla, Ladylaw, Madmax1, Deproct, Jcarriere, Gamixx30, Hotgirl14, Supersonics21, Peaches, Ladies of Incognito and Mactown (8+25).


JAmes Posey, Nike, Bigdaddyallnet42, Nati3NLSports, Chico, 911, Frank Neal, Nealdowns, CTG09, Preach, NKOZone, Gnutts, GB23, Speedy, LeroyWilson, Mr.Baseball, Honeycutt, Chuck, Von, Supa, AC, DJ, Graystone19, Wade, All my boys from Poseys Posse, Allnet, Quality Tires, No Limit, WCWC, and TBI


And everybody on and off the circuit!!!!!!!