Incognito2:  Hello and Happy New Year to Everyone


BSC STAFF: You know these player profiles are designed to let the rest of the BSC know who you are. So here we go!!!
So what have you been up to since the season ended?
Incognito2: Pretty much nothing but spending time with kids and taking them to their various activities.
BSC STAFF: Have you started preparing for the upcoming season yet?
Incognito2: Umm…  I was waiting on my new year’s commitment (lol) to start back working out and getting in shape.   Being that the New Year has begun, I am getting started.  But my goal is to be ready by March.  I would like to develop more upper body strength this year
BSC STAFF: You compete on both circuits how is the competition different or is it?
Incognito2: It’s really no different because every time I step on the field my competitiveness come out.  You must have the right attitude and mental toughness no matter which circuit.  When you have your opponent down, you have to go ahead and put them away and not allow mental lapses to occur.  You must make the plays you’re supposed to make and hit when you’re are supposed to hit. If you don’t, it will most likely be capitalized upon by the other team. I must say though it was surely a gratifying moment when we won on the other circuit (2003 Incognito Class C Champs) as that was something an all black women’s team has never accomplished.  Plus we came out the loser bracket to be crowned champs. Actually though, I have won on both circuits.  I played on a team that was put together called Harambee  which won the USSSA Black American Worlds (Cincinnati).  However, since that was a long time ago, I would like to win on the black circuit again
BSC STAFF: You knew this was coming(LOL) Does Special K have a special someone?
Incognito2:Hmmm….I am a rather private person but some special people are Zachary, Nicholas and Armel
BSC STAFF: How long have you been playing softball?????
Incognito2: I started playing softball hum..i can’t remember back that far…lol around 8 or 9.  I was more into basketball. Anyways, I started playing on a competitive team when I was around 14 years old.  I started at second base, pitched a little and later move to short stop where I played until I started college and then I moved to the outfield.  That was one of the best teams I  that I ever played on.  The team chemistry was the best. You had all Indians and one chief (the Coach). You never know I may try to play a little more infield this year...hint

BSC STAFF:What other teams interest you if you had a chance to play for them and why?
Incognito2:Hmmm..let me  Of course the answer is Incognito.  I am pretty much a loyal person and once I am with a team I am with that team until that bond is broken.  I don’t like to team hop but I will play for other teams when my team isn't playing.  I have been offered opportunities to play with teams on both circuits.
Now as for what teams interest me, of course there is P.T.T. and Hot Girls (they are both northern based teams). I also like Supersonics, Enough Said, and Showstoppers for their display of cohesiveness, comrade and will to win on the field.  But to tell the truth, there are not too many teams where the same core group of females stays together year in and year out.  Last but not least a requirement for any team that I would play for is to have good team organizational skills.
BSC STAFF:What other teams have you played for if any on the circuit?
Incognito2:When I moved to Michigan for an internship, I was introduced to a team called Hit and Run by umpire Ron Matthews.  I stayed with them  until they broke up.  I then played for Incognito and that’s where I have been ever since.  I have also played with the Flintstones.  I play with Hot Chocolate whenever I can especially in leagues so they are like my second home softball team. For COED, I played with the Detroit Storm who won the BASA Rec Division   worlds in 2003 and 2004. I have also played COED with X-Factor and the Wolfpack. I really enjoy playing COED. This past year I played BASA tournaments with Smokey’s (#8). They are a great group of women and I enjoyed playing with them.
BSC STAFF: Tell us something we don't know about Special K?
Incognito2:I am a southern girl (MS).  I am an avid reader, an umpire and like to travel. I went to college on a basketball scholarship and my brother(an auburn alumni) is a 2 time Olympian (2000, 2004). Also, last year I began learning how to ride a motorcycle
BSC STAFF:Well I guess that's enough digging in you business, any shout outs?
Incognito2:I definitely have to Thank God for to allowing me to be here.  Special shout out my sweetie Chattstar5, my daughters….lol (Incognito 8, 13, 21 and Kamillah), and my ace Jeter 69.  Shout out to my Incognito Family (Nichol, Darryl Max, Angel, Mama Maggie, Kool, Ms Yo Yo 26, Keish, Val, Dawn, Amy.... the new comers and those in the past). Shouts to P.T.T. (players depending on tournament). Shouts to Hot Chocolate (J.T, Donna and the rest of the gang). Shout to Smokey’s (Robin, Paula, Smokey, First Base Coach, Tammy, Carrie, Meisha, and rest). My Detroit Storm COED teammates and all the other men and women’s team in the “D”.  Shouts out to all the BSC board member regular posters that I have met and for those I haven’t met I hope to meet in the future. Also thanks for the pleasure of doing a profile for the Black Softball Circuit board. I wish everybody out there good luck on there upcoming 2008 season. And remember You are To Blessed to Be Stressed in 2008!!