Shelly “Mzlegs” Brown And Stephanie “Steph25” Brown


What's up ladies, How are you today?

 MzLegs: I'm just peachy!

Steph25: I'm good, thanks!


First things first, who is older?

MzLegs: Not only am I the tallest of the two of us but I'm the oldest.  There are three of us. Our oldest sister doesn't play ball and she's a 5FOOTA too.


Where are you two ladies from?

Both: Cleveland Ohio...Born and raised.


Where did the name MzLegs come from?

It kind of stuck with me during my days of going to the clubs. I have long legs so one night I was at a club and the D.J announced that there was going to be a MS LEGS contest and I decided to enter. Long story short I ended up in the finals and won $500.00. What's surprising is that quite a  few years after the contest I was walking in a  mall here and a guy that I didn't know walked up to me and said "Hey MS LEGS and that he was at the club the night that I won. I thought it was nice that he had remembered me. I decided that I would personalize my plates MZ LEGS. So that's the story behind it.


Where did the name Steph25 Come from?

 Steph is short for Stephanie and 25 was one of my Dad's softball numbers


Where did the two of you attend college?

Mzlegs: I attended Cleveland State University

Steph25: The University of Toledo



How did the two of you begin playing softball?

MzLegs: I've been playing since I was 14. Both of our parents played and had game. I played right field and my mom played shortstop. I started out as a bat girl for both my dad and moms teams and have been addicted ever since.

Steph25: I was in the stands waiting to see Shelly play, and a team was short a female player.  I said, this can't be too hard so I played. Then I was bit by the "bug"


How long have you been playing?

Mzlegs: I'm not a big fan of numbers, so I'll just say a long time. LMAO!!!!

Steph25: A few years. 


Have you always played on the same teams?

Mzlegs: I finally talked her into it! It only took me 10 years to get her on the dirt. That's how long we've played on the same team give or take.

Steph25: In other words… Pretty much. LOL


Other than softball, have you played any other sports?

MzLegs: Yes I played volleyball in Jr high and in high school as well.

Steph25: I ran track in high school, college and the Jr. Olympics.


Did you ladies play on the circuit last year?

Mzlegs: No, not last year...we just watched the guys.... I mean we watched the games!

Steph25: No


What team are you playing with this season?



How long has the team been around?

Brand new this season!


What do you enjoy most about the Black Softball Circuit?

Mzlegs: I love traveling to the different cities and seeing so many talented players.

Steph25: Everything! The sport, the atmosphere,...It's like a family reunion every weekend.


What are your goals for the 2008 season?

Mzlegs: It's early in the season so my game is going to improve. Goal for the 08 season is To BALL OUT!!!

Step25: My goals are to play competitively, have fun and hope to win as many games and tournaments as possible


A lot of folks only know you through the message board, which is our primary reason for having this forum, what are your thoughts of the message board?

Mzlegs: It's informative, its fun and entertaining. It's a great forum to have access to.

Steph25: I think it's a great way for information to be dispersed to a lot of people, it's fun, and a good way to meet different people.


What changes or improvements would you like to see?

Mzlegs: I can't think of any at this time. The board is great as it is.

Steph25: I don't have any in particular, whatever changes that can or will be made to the board would be a bonus.


Tell us something about you that most people do not know.

Mzlegs: I love kids.

Steph25: That I have a son who will be 18 this year.


Is there anyone special in your life?

Mzlegs: No,not at this time. I'm single and loving it.

Steph25: Let's just say......... I'm seeing someone


That about wraps it up. I truly appreciate the opportunity to sit down and chat with you....any shout outs before we go?

Mzlegs: I'd like to thank the academy!!! LMAO!!! Seriously though.....I want to thank you (TGriff) for giving a couple of rookies this opportunity. And good luck to all the teams in the 08 season. Especially to the ladies of STRIKZONE AND TEAM 216 (my Cleveland homeboys)a special hello to Lil Bit and last but definitely not least my FAVORITE INFIELDER.


Steph25: Sure, to my Mom, my son Brandon, the ladies of Strike Zone, Team 216, Digz01, Lilbit, magicman, and all of the BSC family.