Player Profile

Antonio "T" Mack



WEBMASTER: What’s Up T-Mack?

T-Mack: What's up BSC fam?


WEBMASTER: When will we see you on the circuit again?

T-Mack: I will be at the 1-9 tournament, but probably won't play again until Worlds.



WEBMASTER: Who will you be playing with at Worlds?

T-Mack: Hit Squad Easton, the team to beat!


WEBMASTER: You have represented the BSC very well this year on the open circuit and we have been following your progress, have you been keeping an eye on us as well.

T-Mack: Oh yes, definitely, I am online every Monday, checking up on everyone. I want to thank everyone for the love I have received this year on the BSC website.


WEBMASTER: You started on the Major players watch list for 2008, I think the watching period is over now. Offensive MVP one week, Defensive MVP the next, how have you been received on the other circuit.

T-Mack: I actually started slow on the other circuit, but I came back to the BSC for one tournament, and I got my groove back. And it has been lights out ever since. They have treated me very well on the Major circuit.



WEBMASTER: That's funny I was talking to Rhodney Russell(PT30) , and he told me of a conversation you had of that nature. And he said despite all of that talent, you might be the most humble guy on the circuit. What are your thoughts on what he said?

T-Mack: Man, I just love this game so much and I would never disrespect it, by not giving it 100%. Some people take softball for granted, it is not about all of the talking, it is about your teammates and them knowing that you are giving it your all. As for being humble, God gave me this talent and he can take it away anytime, being humble is my thanks to him. If you're good, you don't have to tell anyone, other people will. And to hear that coming from someone like him, would make anyone feel good.



WEBMASTER: That being said, we will always see you on the circuit every now and then right?

T-Mack:  Oh yes, I am a BSC member for life. I will also be coaching my women's team, the Central Florida Ballers.


WEBMASTER: As for Hit Squad, I saw you playing against them on the internet earlier this year, how was that experience?

T-Mack: It was tough, KJ is one of the coolest guys ever, and I love going to battle with him. So hitting around the middle was so tough, knowing that your friend and sometimes teammate was in the war zone. Also, those guys had us beat too, and knowing that with my defense added to the roster that weekend, they could have gone even further than they did. Yes, that was definitely tough. Hit Squad is a great group of guys that represent the BSC very well on the Major Circuit.



WEBMASTER: The Major Circuit, The BSC, what is the biggest difference to you..

T-Mack: The teams definitely take better care of you over there, because the companies/sponsors put more money into that circuit. As for talent, the talent isn't necessarily better, just more of it. On the BSC, you may have 5 or 6 top teams at a tournament, but on the major circuit, you could have 30, 40 or even 50 on a weekend.


WEBMASTER: I posed a question a few weeks back about the great infielders in the game. Now you can answer the question directly, what is it that you guys see that the average infielder does not ?

T-Mack: I really don't know to be honest. When the ball is hit, I just have an overwhelming desire to get to it. I don't know beforehand or even immediately after it is hit where it is going to go,  but once it is hit, it is mine.


WEBMASTER: Is some of this inherited, because 2 years ago at the 1-9 tournament, I saw your dad put on a 3rd base performance that most 20 year olds would be proud of, let alone someone of his age?

T-Mack:  Oh yes, definitely. My mom and dad both played ball when I was growing up. So I stayed at the ball park and my granddad would always have me there as well following him. He travels to some of my tournaments now.




WEBMASTER: What improvements would you like to see made within the Black Softball Circuit?

T-Mack:  Anything that can have tournaments over earlier on Sunday. Other than that, why change. The circuit is growing, so now you have more choices about quality tournaments and can't be taken for granted anymore.


WEBMASTER:  What are your goals for the 2008 season?

T-Mack: Win worlds on both circuits. Me and my wife to have a little T-Mack, look out BSC, he is coming soon.



WEBMASTER:  I didn't know she was pregnant, I just saw her playing not long ago?

T-Mack: She isn't, but we are trying like hell. LOL. (Wife laughing in the back ground "I want to finish the season!")


WEBMASTER: Tell us something about you that most people do not know.

T-Mack: Married with two kids, son who is great  a ball player, a daughter the same way in fastpitch. Played pro ball right out of high school. Played 7 years with the Baltimore Orioles organization reaching the Double A level. But believe it or not, I never played  infield, until I started playing softball.



WEBMASTER: That is about it. We thank you for your time, any shout outs?

T-Mack: First and foremost, to God almighty for giving me the talent to play a game I love so much. To you 911, because without  the website people would not know about me and my softball accomplishments. This website helped spread the word about my ability to play. To my family(Wife, kids, mom, pops and granddad), My Central Florida Ballers ladies team,  Hit Squad Easton, the whole BSC family for taking me in and supporting me. I know alot of us don't get the opportunity that I have been blessed with, but I am working hard to change that. I have 3 guys getting a shot this weekend. I just need some help from more of us guys on that circuit. We have the talent, we just need the opportunity. So when I play, I play for the BSC as well as my team. I want to give another big shout out to the whole Class Act bunch, Zone, Wolf, Lo, Gary especially them Florida boys. And to my dog, DJ Squirrel.