Player Profile

Nikia Bynum


WEBMASTER:  What's Up Nikia?

Nikia: Whatís up Clay? How are you?  


WEBMASTER: How have you been keeping busy in the off-season?

Nikia: Iím always busy! Iím usually working, coaching, playing volleyball, or taking my daughter from activity to activity.


WEBMASTER: Speaking of volleyball, you were a pretty good player your self in college weren't?

Nikia: Well I did a little something, something.LOL


WEBMASTER: Itís only off-season on the field for you; off the field you are just as busy as ever, LOL. There are only 3 people in the country with more message board posts than you.

Nikia: LOL!! Well you know, I have to chat with my softball family on the daily and make sure they are ok, not to mention aggravate the JL!


WEBMASTER: Speaking of the board, what person was the most different from their website person than you had imagined, when you finally met them in person.

Nikia: Hmmm, I have to be careful with this one. I would have to go with Mactown Sista. When I first met her in Savannah, I told her I was expecting her to be an older woman. Her maturity and kindness through her posts just places an older womanís picture in your mind. LOL! Donít kill me Dap!!!


WEBMASTER:  Letís talk about you and the Ladies of Raging Storm. Is Raging Storm a Rec or Competitive team?

Nikia: Man, you had to go there! Even though people argue that we are a Comp. team, I would have to say we are a Rec. team, and Iím going to leave it at that!!!!


WEBMASTER: You compete on both circuits, how is the competition different or is it?

Nikia: I donít feel that the competition is different, there are great teams on both circuits. Every game is a challenge for me to do better than I did the games before.


WEBMASTER: Obviously the environment is different, but that is a good thing right?

Nikia: Of course, itís always nice to fellowship and have a good time with people you have something in common with other than softball. Hopefully, everyone is there to enjoy themselves by playing or watching the great game of softball.



WEBMASTER: Will the Raging Storm have a new look personnel wise next year?

Nikia: There will be a couple of new additions and deletions, but for the most part, you will pretty much see the same Raging Storm team.


WEBMASTER: When can we see you in action?

Nikia: Hopefully at the MLK Classic in Gulfport, if not my team, maybe someone will pick me up for the weekend (hint,hint). LOL



WEBMASTER: What was your most memorable moment from í06?

Nikia: I would have to say being apart of 6 league championship teams (4 coed and one female team), and meeting all the wonderful people I have met this year through the message board (thanks to you Clay).


WEBMASTER:  What do you look forward to most in the í07?

Nikia: Team wise, I look forward to my team being stronger than ever and winning more tournaments. Individually, I look forward to finishing up my Masterís in Public Health.



WEBMASTER: You are a social butterfly, so everyone knows you, but tell us something about you we donít know.

Nikia: That I am the proud mother of a beautiful 5 year old daughter named Kaylah, who is better at volleyball than some of my high school players. LOL



WEBMASTER: As always, tell us one thing about the black softball circuit that you would change if you could.

Nikia: I would have to say the consistency of rule enforcement. There should not be bending of the rules or changing of the rules from tournament to tournament, not unless it is beneficial to all teams not just 1 or 2.



WEBMASTER:  OK that is about it; give us your shout outs and you cannot cut and paste. LOL

Nikia: Dang, you know me pretty well. First, shout to you Clay for this opportunity as well as the many things you do for the black softball circuit! Shout-out to my lovely daughter Kaylah and my Raging Storm Family, we got some business to handle next year! And of course to my board homies (my cats in crime): Von, Mactown 8, Mactown Sista, LadyLaw, Davida, The Entire Incognito Gang (Iím not even going to try to name all 100 of them, cause I know I will leave somebody out. LOL!), VDUB, SexySlim, MAMADOBBS, Ms. Dat, SS21, SS5, THILL, LilGee, Ms. A, Nashville Finest, Thunder, GAMIXX30, Peaches. MISSBEE. For those want to be in charge dogs and Just Lames: YD, Church, Wade, CP2, N.I.S., Magicman, Monk, Mr. Baseball14, NKO, ESQ23, Preach, Super D, Canty, TSmooth7, Stokes, PT30, Homecoming, Rev. Rain, Dinsum, JB19, Bus36, Wolf24, Bam-Bam, KJButtnaked, DRED, D12ÖIf I forgot anyone I sincerely apologize, love you all!!!!