Pamela Burks-Grant

BSC STAFF: What's up Pamela?

Pamela: Hey…Not much.

BSC STAFF: So what have you been up to since the World Tournaments?

Pamela: Tons of stuff. Working, playing coed softball, working on a fundraiser event (softball tournament), and spending time with my family and friends.

BSC STAFF: I was surprised that we had one professional cheerleader on the circuit, so I am even more surprised that we have two. And when I say professional, I really mean professional cheerleader, who all have you cheered for?

Pamela: I’ve cheered for the NFL New England Patriots and Carolina Panthers as well as the NBA Charlotte Bobcats! 12 years all together.

BSC STAFF: I can obviously see the Panthers and Bobcats connection, but what is the connection with the Patriots?

Pamela: I am from Boston, and went to college (Boston University) there as well.

BSC STAFF: Did you cheer in college as well?

Pamela: Surprisingly no. I ran track in college. I cheered from elementary all through High School.

BSC STAFF: You obviously are still in great shape, do you think you could make a squad today?

Pamela: Hahaha…You are funny! I workout on a regular basis but don't think I could make a squad today. I’ve hung up my pom poms for good.

BSC STAFF: How did you get into softball?

Pamela: My elementary school was having a try out and a friend and I decided to go. I made the team and have been playing ever since the 5th grade. Softball is truly a part of me!! I love this game!

BSC STAFF: You were one of the teams that was bumped up last year and did not complain and right out the box you finish second to Enough Said in Aiken last year. Were you surprised that your team could compete at the next level so quickly?

Pamela: Of Course not. K&L Stompers is comprised of a group of ladies that fight for what they want. We are a very close team and we aren’t afraid of challenges or intimidation. We respect the women on the circuit (Rec and Competitive) and now that we have been moved up, hopefully the other teams respect us as well.

BSC STAFF: You finish the year out by going to Disney and winning C Worlds, what was that experience like?

Pamela: Winning at Disney is something that K&L has strived to achieve for many years. We headed down to Florida thinking we were going to have a full squad and unfortunately we only ended up having 12 players due to family priorities and work schedules. We didn’t get discouraged though, we were on a mission to win!! We stayed focused on our goal and came out on top. This experience was exciting, fantastic, and absolutely unforgettable! We played hard and worked as a team to double dip Whal Optical from Omaha, NE to win the championship! Although our entire team wasn’t there to experience this great victory physically, they were with us in spirit. I have to mention one thing, there’s been lots of talk that we should have been playing B level ball at Disney, however, people need to realize that the Black and Open circuits are different. We haven’t even come close to winning the Open World, however now that we have won it we will move up to B with pride and without hesitation.

BSC STAFF: I see you are quite modest as well, you fail to mention that you made all-tournament as well.

Pamela: Yes, I did make the all-tournament team at Disney. I hit very well that weekend, but our overall success was a team effort.

BSC STAFF: Do you think competing at the competitive level on the circuit helped to prepare your team for that championship?

Pamela: I sure do. I think every game played during the season should help prepare teams for the Worlds. Playing competitive teams that have been on the circuit for years just makes us play better. We love the challenge of giving the big hitting teams a run for their money. We played well in Birmingham (finishing 5th) so we were hungry for a championship win. We played hard and deserved it.

BSC STAFF: Compare your experiences on both circuits?

Pamela: Wow! That’s easy. The Open circuit provides an atmosphere of a Sunday afternoon pro baseball game. While the Black circuit gives you that family reunion type feeling. I like playing on both circuits, but the Black circuit does more for me. There’s a competitive energy that filters through every team out there. Everyone gets along and there’s joy and celebration with no anger or fighting, not to mention the great music and good smelling food for sale in the parking lots. I feel like I’m at home. I love what the Black circuit is doing for the Black community; softball players and all. Keep up the good work.

BSC STAFF: What are some of your other hobbies besides playing softball?

Pamela: I play tennis, coed flag football (Football is my favorite sport), I do yoga and workout on a regular basis.

BSC STAFF: If you could make any changes to our circuit, what would they be?

Pamela: Have more tournaments in Charlotte!!!

BSC STAFF: What do you do professionally?

Pamela: I’m a Vice President - Business Analyst at Bank of America in the Corporate Investment Technology Department.

BSC STAFF: You are also very involved with the youth in your community; tell us about your organization.

Pamela: My organization is called H.Y.P.E. Inc. (Helping Young People Excel) It’s a non profit organization that I created in 2004 and I have recently started getting things off the ground with the organization. Our focus is on inner city youth ages 6-18 that are eligible for free or reduced school lunch. The platform is athletic and academic excellence. I love children and I love sports…so why not put the two together, right? My organization introduces youth to individual sports like tennis, golf, gymnastics, and dance as well as the more traditional team oriented sports like football, basketball and baseball. Our academic program is a high intensity program that provides our students with the necessary tools to increase or maintain great GPA’s. We provide conditioning, training, and nutrition programs as well. My ultimate goal is to prepare the youth in our community for collegiate scholarships without any academic restraints. The website is check it out when you have a chance. Our first fundraising event is a coed softball tournament in Charlotte, NC on Saturday, October 11th, 2008.

BSC STAFF: What can the circuit do to help you with your cause?

Pamela: Oh my goodness!!! The circuit can help in so many ways. We accept donations (i.e. monetary, in kind (equipment & supplies) and of course volunteering)! We operate exclusively for charitable purposes under Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code, so all donations are tax deductible. We are a brand new organization that is in need of exposure, funding, and equipment. We plan on doing several fundraising events and would love for the circuit family to participate in any way they can.

BSC STAFF: Tell us something about you that most people do not know.

Pamela: I have a 19 yr old son (Tjamel) in college. My husband Julius and I just adopted three beautiful little girls, Brianna, Nadia and Mackenzie. They are siblings and were 3, 4 and 5 years old when we first started the process and now they are 5, 6 and 7. Our adoption was final on July 3rd of this year. I’ve been a motorcycle rider for over 15 years.

BSC STAFF: That just about wraps it up. Any shout outs?

Pamela: Of course! I’d like to give a shout out to my family, Julius, Tjamel, Brianna, Nadia, and Mackenzie. Thanks for all your support when I’m off playing softball on the weekends. Shout outs to Deborah (Deb), Tammy, Kimmy and San, thanks for being my roommates and riding buddies up and down the road and good friends off the softball field as well. Teresa, thanks for talking to me in the outfield girl…you bring so much positive energy to K&L. The rest of the K& L family too…I love you guys! She-She…you were my road dog for a couple of years…I miss you girl. All the NC teams…Showtime, Associates, Bull City Heat, Family and Friends and Carolina Force to name a few…hold it down and keep representing! Heaven’s Express Coed, keep playing hard. Shout outs to Mary, Chantel and Rhonda, Redd, Colezie, Greg, Ezie, and Ricky B. All the guys I’ve played coed with, Nique, Ant, Russell, Ricky H, X-man, Tony P, Staff, Money (aka 357), Ron D, Tuck, Bobby, “Dee”, “911” and the rest of the BSC family. I’d also like to thank the BSC staff for the opportunity to do this profile.