Delton "Skuds" McCreary

                                                              Interviewed by N7Cognito


So Delton, or should I say Skuds, what’s good?

Skuds is good.  I'm getting used to being called that.  Life is always good but my 2008 season was pretty good also.


How does it feel to win your first and second World Championship?

Well if we want to be technical it’s my 2nd and 3rd World Championships.  I won the 1st ASA Black Worlds with them YOUNG THUGS.  But winning BASA was special because it was my 1st ring.  We all kinda watered down our excitement for some strange reason.  Everyone wanted to cry but they didn't.  It was also special because it was a great weekend for Detroit softball; we represented well in every division we had a team compete.  USSSA was totally different.  We still fought back the tears but there were a lot more hugs given out.  I personally felt like DJ KHALID "WE THE BEST."


Take us there, Birmingham, you just won the 2nd ring, 3rd World Championship, you’re with your team and they announce you are MVP! How did that feel?

To be totally honest it took every muscle in my body not to cry. I had a lot to prove that weekend because the two worlds prior I might have led the team in making outs.  My teammates were on me in their own little way.  I have to thank them the most for making so many outs that weekend. LOL


Tell me why this was Creative Walls year?

I have never played on a closer knit team on the softball circuit in my life.  We had too much fun with each other not to win.  But the funny thing is a lot of us have had our differences in the past but all that was put to the side while we played ball. We would come together for weekends and hang and BANG together.


What’s next for the Back 2 Back champs, Creative Walls?

 You mean Bike 2 Bike Champs as we like to refer to ourselves.  Well, just call us “The Jefferson’s” cause the core of the team is MOVING ON UP!!!


Is the Fab Four FORREAL?

INDEED!! Monster, Digz, Megal & I are the FAB FOUR FOR REAL. Would be 5 but Chris Webber left early. LOL! When we play together we are always in the hunt for the Championship - 4 totally different personalities out for the same goal.



Well I’ve known you for about 5 years now and you’ve played infield and outfield, you’re okay I guess…LOL! Actually you’re pretty good at both, which do you prefer?

When I 1st came to the circuit I was a shortstop.  Then I moved to the outfield because that is what I wanted to play and I was needed.  After a year or so of all that running I decided the infield is for me unless we are playing a four man.


What did Skuds do this year to improve his game? What things will you work on for next year?

I really don't know if what I did this year improved my game but last winter I was in a hitting league.  The only thing I did different this year was not playing league ball; I umpped instead.  I think it may have helped my pitch selection.  I am the MVP.  Why change anything for next season?  LOL! Just kidding.  I plan to get in better shape, shed a few lbs and work on hitting more consistently.


What board member do you respect the most and why?

Well, I have respect for a lot of board members for different reasons.  But to name 2 I will start with Clay (911) for just doing what he does on the circuit in general.  In essence he has started friendships, relationships, and to me he does it for self gratification.

2nd Pete (Cuzinpete).  This guy is all about winning and having fun while doing it.  He took on a task this year that many people wouldn't have thought twice about doing because of a vision he had.  And mainly he is a MAN OF HIS WORD.



SKUDS, where in the world did you come up with that? Can you explain”AHHHHH SKUDS” Some think it’s not a BSC original?

One of my teammates in college left me a message on my phone telling me how I was hitting SKUDS this season.  I had to let everyone hear the message because this guy doesn't give compliments too often.  So my 1st plate appearance the next game my teammates said AAAAAAAAHHHHH SKUDS on every pitch.  This happened in 1998 for those that think I stole the line from them.


What do you love about BSC…besides when Willie Brown is DJ’ing?

The fact that it is a competition because I'm kind of competitive. LOL!  The atmosphere is wild; you never know what you will see and it's nothing like seeing people you haven't seen in a while every other weekend.  It is like a family reunion for sure and when DJ Willie Brown is at a tourney that makes that tourney so much better.


When it’s snowing here in Detroit, what is Skuds doing besides trying to get his posts up all of a sudden?

Trying to figure a way to get out of this snow state.  No really.  I just work and do whatever comes up.  My wife says I talk about what I'm going to do for the next season.  This year I already know that so I will find something else to do with that time. By the way I have officially stopped trying to get 10,000 posts.


Speaking of the board, your signature line reads “I’m not the one to talk to”, please elaborate!

That is my official warning statement to those people that think they can out talk me. It has yet to be done and for some reason; not only do I catch fire, so do my teammates. Everyone can't play the game and talk at the same time but I am one of few that have been able to accomplish that feat.


Tell them something about Skuds they don’t know…LOL!

I have approximately 20 siblings, but I was raised as an only child by my wonderful single Mom.  That explains some things about me.  I have a family member in pretty much every city we play ball in.


Some people take 2 practice cuts, some make a cross in the dirt, can you explain your batters box ritual and tell us why you smack your thigh?

LOL.  That's a good question.  A lot of people probably want to know that. The thigh smack is the final step of my ritual.  After prepping the batters’ box my shoes are dusty, so I knock the dust off with my bat.  Then my bat is dusty so I clean the bat with my hand and I smack my thigh to clean off my batting glove.


What improvements would Skuds like to see to the BSC?

The only improvement that I had a concern with I heard from a very reliable source that it will be changed in 2009.


Well Skuds, it’s been great chatting with you. Congrats on a great 2008, and on your latest accomplishment….BSC Super Rec MVP! Now it’s time for SHOUT OUTS!

Thank you! I would like to thank everyone who voted for me.  It was a huge surprise when I found out that I had won this award.

I would like to give a shout out to the Man above that makes all this possible - GOD. Thanks also to my Mom. Brandi and Marcell for sticking with me through all my ups and downs and not trippin on me too much for all my traveling.  Marvin Jenkins - thanks for introducing me to the circuit.  My CW family, OUR #1 and #2 fans, FAB FOUR FORREAL, all the FORREAL BELIEVERS, BAMITCH (thanks for everything) Damon, My #2 fan, New Buddy, SN, The Incognito Fam (see I’m not that bad of a guy), My Chocolate is Hot teammates, My BTS Coach, My hustle partner, all those that have given me advice in the past thank you and those that have wished the best for me I really appreciate it, and last and definitely not least YOU my BFOC. If I forgot anyone I apologize now charge it to my MIND not my HEART. THANKS AGAIN