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Terrell Brown



Terrell Brown: How's it going?

WEBMASTER: So what have you been doing since the World Tournaments?

Terrell Brown: Working and trying to get ready for next year (Players).

WEBMASTER: How did you get started playing softball?

Terrell Brown:  I started traveling with the Young Rookies(Birmingham) back in 2001 ( Rookie for Life).

WEBMASTER: And how long have you been playing?

Terrell Brown:  About 10 years (1996).

WEBMASTER: What teams have you played with?

Terrell Brown: Birmingham Players, NoDout, Team Morris, BMW ( Birmingham Most Wanted), Young Rookies and Low Down 

WEBMASTER: Will you be returning to the same team you played with in 2007?

Terrell Brown: I'm committed to be with the Players. So far everything is looking good for 2007and that's who I'll be with.

WEBMASTER: What was your most memorable moment from 2006?

Terrell Brown: Playing in Tallahassee Fl. (1-9 Tournament) it was great, I had a lot of fun. That party is legendary. Also, placing 2nd in the Atlanta Classic, losing to my biggest rival (PrimeTime). I guess that was payback from the BASA World What up PT 30.

WEBMASTER: What was your favorite tournament?

Terrell Brown: All day itís nothing like playing in Birmingham (Magic City Classic).

WEBMASTER: Who's your favorite players outside of teammates on the Black Softball Circuit?

Terrell Brown: My favorite players probably would be my softball first cousins Willie and Reggie Brown. 

WEBMASTER: Approximately how many Black American tournaments do you play in a year?

Terrell Brown: Approximately 9 to10.

WEBMASTER: What do you like most about playing on the Black Softball Circuit?

Terrell Brown:  The warm family love you get from the Black Softball Circuit family ever weekend. 

WEBMASTER: What improvements would you like to see made within Black Softball Circuit?

Terrell Brown:  I would like to see more Competitive teams so players would not have to drop down just to play in that tournament (PROTEST)lol.

WEBMASTER: Tell us something about you that most people do not know.

Terrell Brown: I'm just a easy going person that love to get along with everybody. I LOVE my brothers and sisters. Also I'm a member of the best fraternity in the land Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. 

WEBMASTER: That is about it. We thank you for your time, any shout outs!

Terrell Brown: Give a shoutout to the Birmingham Circuit, Players(Darnell what up POPS), my best man Sweat(Dinsum),Team Morris,and the Whole Black Circuit Softball Family. Peace Out Player!